The proper way to remove a leaf without scissop

Hi everyone, this post is a bit odd because I have seen many people teach defoliating without scissors the wrong way, consequently the leaf comes off and so does a strip of stem about 6 inches long :laughing:. So heres the technique.

Place your index finger ( assuming you have one ) snuggly under the leaf stem and against the stock. Place thumb and middle finger up the leaf stem and squeeze the leaf stem, pull with thumb and middle finger against the stalk. The leaf will just pop off cleanly every time. No ripping of bark.

I did all the dead leafing in a minute on this plant with not tearing.

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Pinch at the spot you want to remove. It’s easier if you have a bit of thumbnail, but if you bruise the stem good it will break pretty easily.


Nope you don’t need a fingernail at all. Give it a try, it normally just pops right off at the stalk. This was for demonstration purposes. It has a very positive pluck feeling about it. Very positive, when you put your finger under the leaf stem and against the stock, pull away with your fingers. Try it, you will instantly see what I mean.


You wont ever do it any other way except with scissors

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