The power has gone out, what to do?

So the powers gone out, 2 hrs before normal lights out week 2 of flower. I’m wondering what the best plan of attack is. Im thinking I just switch the lights off now in case power comes back on and start again as normal time tomorrow. Any ideas if this will cause any probs?

Good idea. Your plant won’t know the difference.


If it’s an auto it shouldn’t be a problem.
If you’re on a 12/12 schedule you can adjust accordingly

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Just make sure you check/reset your timers if need. I believe it was @MidwestGuy that told me extra is ok, extra light is not.


@Bjg just think of it as a rain day. A heavy overcast can’t get no decent rays kinda day. She’ll be as good as she would in the wild. :+1:t2:

And hopefully the power will be back anyways so she’ll probably only miss those 2 hrs. Positivity!! :sunglasses: