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@Poseidon I’m all ears good topic actually

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I’m looking at different strains to grow actually for my grow area of 2&2 space one fan one 2400 led light white blue red iv uv colors

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@Poseidon nice decal logo best indoor strains with high yield and high thc you got a few so I can put in my journal I’ll look them up later

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Is this automated. It’s not a real person

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Thanks :+1:t2:

There are several Indica Hybrids that are high in THC and have decent yields. In order to achieve the advertised numbers, your environment must be dialed in to optimum levels.

My recommendation would be to look at some of the easier strains to grow and grow them in the best indoor environment achievable within a budget. If you can grow an easy plant very well, your overall experience will be better than growing a more challenging strain and struggling. Once you get a couple grows under your belt, you can anticipate your results better. A have grown several 25-30% THC plants that turned out not as good as a 16% plant under awesome lights, hydro, VPD at optimum, etc.

White Widow is always a good first start. Blueberry is a good start. Do you want auto or photo? I can list some more. I am also gonna post some pics on here in a bit. I have to grab them from my other journals here :+1:t2:


My wife would say yes, I am an autobot :rofl::rofl:

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@Poseidon indoor high yield strain easy grow with 2400 watt light with also a 5000 watt light led baught from amozone the first second was ebay

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The 420 sale is about to end… The ILGM Gorilla Glue is a great choice! 20 seeds for the price of 10 :v:t2:

The ILGM Gold Leaf is kick ass :+1:t2: Think it is also 10-10.

Look up some strains on the ILGM site and tell me what sounds good. I am gonna get some seeds tonight as well. That sale is killer. They do it every year. I am getting Maui Wowie and Granddaddy Purple. The Granddaddy Purp is another good strain for you. Check it

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Will be growing in scrawl space no more than a 2&2 space here

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Ummmm… those lights are under 300watts. What is the brand name? You need to determine how many watts pulled from the wall.

I am gonna guess 150 watts for the smaller and 250 for the larger. Let’s see how close I am :+1:t2:

@Poseidon would love mowewowe it’s from island :palm_tree: tropical small but big bud my brother in law has let me try it I love it

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Well I have purple haze got a few days ago in the mail I think that fits me

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@Poseidon don’t have a pair meter yet check lights intensity it is bad ass though than I have asmalll

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You are gonna need to keep your plants small. Very small. If you have a Haze going, you should flip to 12/12 at node 4 of growth and LST her a lot (low stress training).

I think the smallest I have gotten was a Crystal I vegged for only 3 weeks before flip… She was like 2.5 - 3 feet tall. I did not train her at all.

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Crappy picture… I have better ones on that grow journal

My Gold Leaf was a short veg and did not get huge…


@Poseidon I couldn’t find mowewowe I was going to get sour diesel 10 for 10 twenty

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Sour D !!!

Great choice :+1:t2::+1:t2:

The ILGM Sout D will get you higher than a kite