The Poor man grow

Hello, this is my first real grow. I know, I’m joining this a little late in the progress. But, I couldn’t figure out how to post lol. Well, here I am bout dang time!

I don’t know exactly what I have. This is a random seed I got out of some bud. Me and a friend of mine started grow a little while back. But, that got all messed up. I’m literally growing this off very little knowledge here, so bear with me.

So… I started in a little card board box. Taped up with metal rape ment for HVAC. With two 65000k CLFS.

It was thriving in that little box. It grow pretty quick.

Thin I swapped into a 1 gallon pot for more room for it to thrive.

It thrived tell i feel into a stump. And here is where we come up to the point I stuck on I don’t know what to. So im coming to you guys for advice. This is how it looks right now.

So it was getting too tall for the card board box. I went to wally world and spent $100 on equipment for a new grow station. I spent it wisely and here it what that looks like.

And it hasn’t grown much taller. I have the nutrients for it but, no PH kit. I’m buying that on Tuesday when I get paid. I would like to know what sex it is? Or if you can tell yet? I am wondering since I have waited this long for the nutrients will it even bud? If it is a female? Do I need to transplant it into a bigger pot yet? Ill post a little more pics and let me know what is my next step.


Can’t tell sex yet but right there at the branch for them little things are sticking out that’s where you’ll see it if it’s a male it’ll have balls if it’s female it’ll have little white wispy hair sticking out. First off, you need to get your pH under control that’s probably your problem right there. And you’re going to want at least a 5-gallon pot, cloth ones are the best if you need any help just hit me up I’ll help if I can wear steer you in the right direction you got to put a at symbol in front of my name like this @PoorGrowing


Alright awesome! Thank you @HornHead. I do need help I want to make this right. I’m not a stalker but on your bio “i don’t like paying for pot” I don’t like it either lol. Plus I wanna make a job out of this…

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Your next biggest expense is going to be lighting. If you want to do this for a living I really suggest you don’t buy cheap lights I went with a very meodacre light and bought 5 of the and 2 cheap Chinese lights. Yea I spent today the money I paid for these lights put together for a stellar brand name quantum board. Yea now I have 2 the money wrapped up in lighting than if I would have bought the good light to begin with, but we live and learn and it’s not a total loss cause I can do all kinda stuff with these like a nice micro grow a clone area but everything will be flowered under my best light as long as there’s room


You can get a 315w cmh grow lights from vivosun for around $180. Great light. I use roleadro leds and the cmh. I’ll tag you into both my grow journal

I know lighting is the most important but most expensive part of the grow. I gotta build slow, save some money up. @Sirsmokes @HornHead


You can put a reflector of some sort over the top of those bulbs and lay them horizontal and you will get better efficiency out of them. She looks good, overall. You’ve got some good advice so far. You’ll also want a couple fans, one to pull hot air out and fresh air in, and one to keep a light breeze on the plant(s). Great start, keep it up :+1:

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Unless that one plant is an auto, a 5 gallon bucket would be better.

Ebay or Amazon have PH meters for around $12 and a set PH and PPM meters for $20. Color strips are worthless.

Okay @elheffe702 it’s a 20gl tote I bought from wally word I put holes in the side, and the lid. There’s a 10’ fan at the top blowing down and and little 4’ fan blowing on it.

I leave the lid off during the day, when the lights are on. Then, put it back on at night, lights off. Btw I am in a 18/6 light schedule, when should I switch it to a 12/12 schedule? Thank you guys for helping.


And what should be the temperature inside there. As you can see in my other pictures, I have a indoor temperature and humidity thingy. Can’t remember the name. Lol. And how would I pull the humidity down? I have a high humidity problem in my room that I hate.

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I’m impressed with your creativity first off :clap:t2: I’m going to tag in @Budbrother for you. He’s also on a budget and may be of help :hugs:


I have soo many comments and thoughts I don’t know where to begin, but I’m here if you have specific question or task you want to accomplish.

As far as lights go, you can build WAY Better for a lot less when you get your tent. If you really want to save on money in the long run, it’s better to spend a few hundred now building one. For now though, go get a couple of y splitters and have 2 bulbs per socket on their sides.

Don care how many gallons the tote is. Importantly what is the depth? Roots need room to grow down and around. I grow in different kinds of totes but they all have 1 thing in common, deep.


Heres my 2 pennies…

I started like you. Not able or wanting to spend big bucks. Not sure if that counts for much…

I agree with @Budbrother sooner or later an investment in lighting should be made. A cheapo amazon blurple would do great, but you’d probably need a larger grow space too.

So assuming you stick with t5s. The next hurdle is the humididty. You’ll need LOTS of airflow flowering above 50% humididty.

Be sure to prune out all the lower growth a couple weeks after flipping to 12 12 so the plant can focus on the apical buds. You should be able to have the lights 4 to 6 inches away depending on wattage.

But kudos for innovation and here to some fat buds!


I started with a decent led, $350+ Advanced Spectrum. I quickly found I had to buy 2x more $99 Amazon lights to maximize the corners of my 3x3’ tent.

Then the leds started going out on the two $99 Amazon lights after a year of growing. My Advanced Spectrum has made 4 years, with no signs of stopping.

That was my wasted money. I am currently building a single light with much, MUCH better penetration and efficiency, plus no more blurple! My new 14x duel 22” Bridgelux led strips, driver, etc for a total of $258.
That’s less than the first led I bought alone.


Yeah I run boards from hlg. For 200 bucks you get 250 watts. Qb132s they sell the 4 pack on the zon for 133. The driver frame and wire puts the total just near 200.

@PoorGrowing check the zon for a small UFO light maybe? You’ll want some more wattage, and the CFL aren’t as efficient.

Other than that be sure to look into low stress training to keep the plant low and flat.

You may want to switch light cycles sooner than later if you have height restrictions

The only thing I can see that would cause me concern is all the vent holes you will need to find a way to cover those holes 12 hrs of dark have to be dark no light leaks mabey a painters tarp ovet the top and front and sides or hot glue some dark fabric where you can drape it over the holes. But that’s very cool ideal

The CFLs should sufficient for one plant. Humidity can be raised or lowered which ever the case its just moisture in the air

You can always go to a big box store and get some damp rid you just open the container and it absorbs extra moisture it’s actually designed for closets

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A cheap DIY humidifier can take you the other way.


So a little update. So before I go out and buy the PH kit. I trimmed the leaves and tide her down. Hopefully it turns out to be a her…

But it turns out I have a problem… And i don’t know what it really means…

I’m really scared right now. Hope this doesn’t mean anything too horrible… any thoughts? @HornHead @Budbrother @Sirsmokes @SmoknGranny @TheMadDabber