The plants don't look like the photos on page

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My seeds have germinated but the stems are very long (about 2") with the second set of leaves just starting to show.13. See attached photo.
Any suggestions?

You need to move your light closer and I use Shish kebab sticks and bread wrapped ties to keep them up right they are stretching from the light being so far away,what lights are using. You should join her forum and we can help you out :wink:


as @Hogmaster said, your plants are to far from the light, lower your light or raise your plants. Use a toothpick for support for the stem and put a fan on low to create natural moment of wind, and this will force the roots to expand and creates a stronger/thicker stem. Also how long are you leavingthe light on? i’d suggest lower the light and leave it on for 24 hours right now or 18 at the very least.


I personally would transplant covering about 3/4 of that stem. The stem itself will root into the ground causing a stronger root system and you can start over without that stretch. Light intensity is way too low. U may have to lower and add light.


Thanks all for your comments. I had the light about 12" from the plants. I have moved it closed. Since I’m new to growing my own, I started with three plants in case I made mistakes.

Also, I have been leaving the light on for at least 18 hours. so, I think the distance was the primary issue.


I do think i would berry any of the stem that is already exposed, if you do you will cause root rot to the stem. You might need to increase the power of your light. Also, remember these things are weeds at the end of the day, takes alot to kill them. They’ll bounce back.

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You can and should burry them
They just got stretchy on ya


I’ve buried my stretched stem many a times and have NEVER had root or stem rot. Just bury it about 3/4 of the way up. And it looks like you’re going to need a way stronger light, especially for 3 plants. Not CFLs, although they will work, just not well. I recommend you go with a cmh light or Hpst or LEDs. Just my 2¢


They will definitely Make your roots system and structure stronger if you do like everybody saying you got this

Nobody asked, but what are the lights you are using, CFL or LED or? and what is the lights actual wattage ? I would listen to @Hogmasters advice on this. Anytime you see the plant growing a long stem, it doesn’t have enough light so it stretches to get closer to the light and you can bury the stem as long as there is no growth down there. I’ve done it many times. Follow this forum and you’ll have a good grow. I can tell you from experience that the first 2 things you need to buy are a digital pH meter and pH up and pH down solution if you haven’t already. Also a ppm tester. You can get both testers for less than $20 on Amazon. Good luck @Klaatu.

I’m using 120W CFL. I’m looking for a more powerful lighting system today. I do have a product that tests both pH and mineral levels. Right now the pH level is between 7 and 7.5. I’m using Miracle Grow potting soil.


If you’re looking for something cheap I’ve had great luck with these LEDs

MEIZHI 300W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Veg and Flower

I have 3-300s 2-450s 2-600s 1-300 will do 1plant ok a 600 would work better fosho

Thanks. I did just buy 2 LED 100W bulbs and a grow light bulb, but I’ll look into this as well.

I took everyone’s advise about lighting and it really helped. I just did some pruning. I’d appreciate any comments.