The plants all look different

Question from a fellow grower!

Hello. I have 3 plants growing right now. The seeds came out of the same bag. Blueberry autoflowering seeds.2 are within 4 days of each other #3 is 2 weeks behind the first. All 3 look different. One indica one sativa or close. And one that looks different from the others. Is that normal? This is my first grow. I have had a lot of problems with number 1. I’m sure it’s my fault. Thanks

It’s normal for plants to look different. They are each unique. Think about brothers or sisters. They rarely look too much alike. Different heights, skin tone, hair color, and so on.

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No 2 seeds are ever alike. If this was the case, we all would look identical to our parents. Also the brothers and sisters would also look alike. Its Genetics.

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