The plant starts to grow up but then it stops growing

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thank

Hello! I purchased auto bubble gum seeds from you. I grow them outdoors in a greenhouse to keep the plant warm at night . The temperatures are around 22-24 degrees during the day at the moment and 12-15 at night( I live in Australia). There is plenty of sun during the day. The plant starts to grow up until 1.5 cm but then it stops growing and turns yellowish. This has happened 3 times already. Could you please give me advice what I am possibly doing wrong? Thank you,Ron


Hey there, 1st I think you should join the forum and open a world of info to help you along the way. Not to mention the really cool kids hang out here… Ok Really need to see a picture of one of the plants. Your temps are fine. you don’t have any worries there. The 2 things that pop in my head are watering and temp under that green house during the day. Personally I would do away with that, once your seeds break ground let them be out side with a few hours of direct sunlight in the morning. Water sparingly , mist them a few times a day but never in direct sun sunlight. Come join us here and we’ll help ya out. There are several growers here from your neck of the woods


I am with @Sasquatch
Join the forum lots of aussies here too that will surely be of great help to you during you growing journey
Happy growing Ron hope you join our lil community soon


It seems like your growing down in the south of Australia I am up North in the tropics of Aus. I dont do autos so really have no experience with them to guide you.

As the other guys said join the forum and lodge a help ticket and put some more pics up as that will help a lot.

That said this time of year with less sunlight as in shorter days, poor weather cloudy days, and the lower temps you may wish to add supplimental lighting to aid growth. Even though you get sun on the greenhouse does it get full sun for the duration of the entire day. Consider that for veg you have a different light requirement to when they flower. Also you maybe over watering and that will impact growth also and more so if they are not getting a good amount of light.

Also consider the airflow that the plant receives in its current position it need to breath effectively also, lowering the plant in the greenhouse a little may also help.


Thanks for all your advice guys. I’ll try a couple of changes. Which forum do you recommend to join? Could you post the link for me?
I grow on the Gold Coast so we actually have plenty of sunlight. Can you recommend a good soil you use? Do you only mist your plants instead of watering?


Hey welcome to the forum @Ronkkk glad your here!

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@Ronkkk I am the North of the state mate…as for the soil I use in my pots. I use a mixture of compost, coir, perlite and mill mud.

In regards to seedlings yes I mist them to keep them damp, until they are larger then water the outer edges of the pots as they grow.


Thanks mate, I’ll do that, one more thing about the PH is high around 7-7.5 at most soil mix that I have bought, should I add a bit of PH down solution? Or any other option?

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@Ronkkk PH is not something I honestly bother with, I am outdoor growing and I use mill mud in my soil mix, it’s PH neutral, it tends to keep the PH balanced through out the grow. A little garden lime can help also?

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Turns yellow and dies sounds like root problem.

There’s a pattern here, you say it’s happened more than once? Same results every time? There’s something being done or not being done if the problem is identically persistent.

Could be the pH tying up nutrients, it’s vital to maintain proper pH. I would start there.

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You can to dress your soils or mix them with peat moss, peat moss is acidic so it will lower your soil ph

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That’s a great idea I have learned something new!
Thanks I’ll try it

This is 3 weeks old, I’ll Start again and change few things after reading all your comments.
thanks guys!

How much sun does it get during the day?

This is auto bubble gum, gets sun from 7am to 3pm in a small open greenhouse at my balcony.
I lock the greenhouse in the evening against cold nights

Was just wondering, because something is keeping the plant small. I bet its happening at your rootzone for some reason. The roots are what causes the plant to grow big, and with no root growth, You will get no plant growth so I am wondering.

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I wish I knew…maybe I watered too much
This is how Im trying to grow it.