The Phoenix Grow

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Good evening everyone!!!

As most of you know approx ninety percent of my last grow was destroyed due to an environmental controller issue.

I was able to salvage a small amount of Sugar Candy but none from the single Big Bud X White Widow plant.

The three Ayahuasca Purple plants miraculously survived despite severe damage.

I nursed them along to the end.

I was able to get approx two ounces of dried flower from each of the three plants.

The potency is good so I am happy about that.

I’m back in the saddle again with what I’m calling the “” Phoenix Grow “” due to it rising from the ashes of the last one.

Yesterday morning I began by soaking seeds in water.

This morning I moved the seeds to peat pellets sitting on a heat mat with a humidity dome.

I’m using one of my two COB fixtures for lighting.
The fixtures have light intensity adjustment which works out perfectly for seed starting.

The strains I’m growing are as follows;

Three Iced Grapefruit from Female Seeds.
Two Sugar Candy from Delicious Seeds.
One White Widow from Canuck Seeds.
One OG Kush from Canuck Seeds.

I’ll be using the same equipment as the last grow.

The buildout continues for tent number two.

Here’s a photo I took this morning after placing the seeds in peat pellets.

Thank you for all your kind words.

Let’s do this thing!!! :grinning::+1:


Awesome! I’m tagging along for the ride :hugs:

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Watching, I bet you’ll nail this one. Best of luck!

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i’m jumping aboard @Alton66 sounds like a great line up!

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You can dooo it!!

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Woohoo :tada: @Alton66 cant wzit to see the end product

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Couldnt keep me away!!

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Tag me in mine are on auto mode now starting week 7 tomorrow I can’t add pics I’m on vacation till mon so I’ll try to get updated picks on tues

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Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Things are doing very well.
The seedlings are very happy and healthy.

I transplanted them into Solo cups three days ago.

I’m watering with Re-Charge brand mycorrhizae and fungi along with Super-Thrive ph’d to 6.1.
For those who don’t know, I’m growing in soil.
Happy Frog amended with approx. 15% perlite.

The next transplant will be into three gallon fabric pots in approx. a week.

Here’s a photo of the plants ad of yesterday afternoon.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend so far.

Speak with everyone shortly.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


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Good afternoon eastern time everyone!!!

Today marks eleven days since germination.
The plants are very healthy.

I’ve been feeding them a mixture of Oregonism XL and Re-Charge brand mycorrhizae and fungi along with a couple of drops of Superthrive.

An interesting observation is that the OG Kush actually is emitting a slight odor of skunk this early.
The only way to smell that odor is to actually place the plant up to your nose.

None of the other strains are emitting an odor this early.
Perhaps a sign of what that plant will emit later as it compares to the other strains I’m growing this cycle.

I’m changing my nutrient line for this grow.

I did my homework and have decided on Remo Nutrients complete line as the food for the plants.

I believe Remo did his due diligence with ingredients before putting his well honed name on the bottles.

They are a synthetic/ organic hybrid.

I’m excited to see how well they work.
That’s about it for now people.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me.

Here’s a photo I took a few minutes ago of the plants.

Have a beautiful rest of your Wednesday!!!:grinning::+1:


Looking good, make sure there’s drainage holes! @Alton66

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There are many my friend.:grinning::+1:

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Looking good. :heart:

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Thank you my friend!!!:heart:️:+1:

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You’re welcome :hugs:

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Looks nice not to much stretch just when you repot bury part of the streach

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I would be thinking about training and what you want to do top will be by next node for topping and lst you got some time

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I install a scrog net in early veg then top a total of three times starting at the fourth leaf node.

This gives me ample tops at flower. :+1:

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Good evening everyone!!!

I believe it’s past time to give all your f you an update.

Today marks week one, day four of veg.

The plants are doing extremely well.

Seven days ago I transplanted the plants from Solo cups to their temporary home of three gallon cloth pots.
Again Remo Nutrients are being used.
It’s too early to tell at this point but so far so good.
They’re a hybrid synthetic / organic line.

This coming week I’m going to transplant the plants into seven gallon cloth pots.

As usual im using Happy Frog soil amended with perlite.

Here’s a couple of photos of the plants yesterday evening.
I’ll talk with everyone sooner than I have been.

Be well.:grinning::+1:


They look good

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