The Phantoms Autopots GDP grow in coco

This will be my second ever grow. My first was a few bag seeds in Happy Frog soil. After battling nutrient lockout, pH problems, etc, I had to harvest early due to me going on vacation. Despite the issues I had, it still resulted in an average quality bud.

I changed a few things for this grow to hopefully make my life a little easier and produce a better quality product for myself and my friends, who get to reap the rewards as I am only an occasional user.

My current setup is:
AC Infinity 5x5 tent
AC Infinity exhaust fan, duct and carbon filter
Hyphotonflux HPF4000
Autopots 6 spring pot (only using 4)
Flexitank Pro 25 gallon reservoir

I will be attempting to grow ILGM Grandaddy Purple in coco using Jack’s 321.

I drew inspiration from @Hellraiser and @Nicky after reading their jacks and autopots threads.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks!


Using the paper towel method I sprouted 4 ILGM GDP seeds

Planned them in solo cups filled with Canna Coco I expanded using full strength Jacks

Put them in the tent and kept them moist with a spray bottle of full strength Jacks


About a day and a half after planting they broke the surface

I lowered my light and raised the cups as they seemed to be getting a little leggy


Now I’m watering to runoff every other day with full strength Jacks

Here’s today’s pictures


Off to a great start.

Your a couple. Days ahead of me, I got tails last night.

Looks very clean.

Have your DLI app and VPD chart. Handy?

No humidfior? Ensure your getting a good VPD

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No humidifier, and yes, I’ll be watching dli closely my meter arrives Sunday.

My tent seems to hold around 45-50% humidity. My plants last grow didn’t seem to mind.

They don’t mind but you’ll see much more rapid growth at a better VPD, my first couple weeks in veg are 79f and 75% humidity

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Cool, I’ll look into adding a humidifier to the bottom shelf of that end table. Thanks!

You jumped right into the deep end of the pool. I preload coco with a good soaking with Jack’s. At the stage your girls are at I will give water only or a couple days then start adding Jack’s at lower rates. Once they get a couple sets of leaves then I let Jack rip.
Jack’s is supposed be pretty easy on plants. When my current grow finishes up in a couple weeks GDP is next in queue. From a little over two weeks ago

Will be hanging out.


Ordered a humidifier, also started assembling and testing a controller using a raspberry pi, Atlas scientific probes and Mycodo as the software

Will currently just be monitoring pH, EC and water temp

Will expand with dosing pumps to do real time adjustments.


Good luck no clue what any of that is. However, I saw this thread, looks to share another common interest

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Looking good bro! I grew gdp autos last run and it’s one of my favorite smokes. You will also like the auto pots. My first run with them and the plants really like it. @beardless I didn’t realize till just now you were in auto pots with Jack’s also.
And that controller is pretty cool. Can you give updates on that build?

I’ll update as I go along, the end game is to have a controller that will control water, tent conditions, CO2 dosing, etc.

I’m learning as I go, so it may be a slow process.

I got a one pot XL system to give a one plant trial. Now I have the one from before and a 4 spring pot system for the closet.


Not much of an update after the weekend, so here’s this mornings pictures of the girls.


Morning update!

Not familiar with the strain, but are these looking a touch yellow? Maybe a cal/mag deficiency? I’m still using full strength Jacks 321 every other day, water until runoff.


Forgot to mention, my Jack’s is currently at 6.0ph, next batch I’ll shoot for 5.8.

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Plants look good, would not worry about the yellowing on new growth, the chlorophyll will catch up to it.


Love how fast they are growing!

Added a humidifier (thanks @Nicky )

Had to work early today, so it’s a lights out picture update today.

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Should be moving them into the autopots this weekend.

One question I still have and don’t seem to have a definitive answer is, are clay balls in the bottom of the autopots needed? Or is it mostly growers preference?

Hoping other Autopots growers like @Nicky and others will chime in.