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Would just 2 of those hanging be enough for that little getup? Would it speed em up too? Those are led 3000k hooked up but if cfls better not afraid to adjust


Ya … those are the wrong wave length… you need 5500k to 6500k for vegging… and I think LEDs are to hard and to directed for a good vegg lamp… I’m moving right now so I took down everything… but I usually vegg under 6500k 4 bulb by 4 foot long t5ho light fixtures… seedlings and semi vegg will do just fine under cfls… I get a 4 pack for 9 bucks at home depo…



Cool thanks man, in my actual grow tent I have the full spectrum led’s that’s just what the infants been gettin lol guess I’ll be hittin the depot soon haha


I flower under magnetic 600 watt hps at 4500k bulbs with 8" inch ducted hoods… in a 3×6 double scrogg table times 3 …



Lookin good :call_me_hand: that’s awesome, how ya not overheat that baby? Big ducts? Dang and double scrog? :exploding_head:Lol :man_shrugging:t2:


The 3k definitely wont hurt. Yes 6500k is recommended for vegging n 2700k is recommended for flower. But u can go seed to harvest under anywhere between the two. Just one will do better in its specialty then the other.

I used 3k to 4k seed to harvest on my BBA… no issues except not ENOUGH of them.


Cool @PurpNGold74 good to know :call_me_hand:


Mine “average” to around 3500k, if that’s how that works. But I’m looking for transition/stretch lighting there.


Yeah usually just use it as a starter introduce em to the world for a little bit then tent time. SK1 decided to stretch so made her a beast that was def worth the weight and wait lol if they’re that cheap I can afford it lol prob see how they act comparison wise…

stretch is gonna = that if they try it that’s gonna happen haha :sweat_smile:


Got TD2 out for feed, blasted her with nutes thing was wicked dry n light. Ran a whole gallon n only about 5 Basters runoff @raustin :wink: n the others that know the joke lol

think I might invest in more tangerine dream beans fast grow, stay short, and TD1 was potent :crossed_fingers: oh and I’m gonna hang on to SK2 for a few more if I can bear to :roll_eyes:


She looks like a great smoke man. Have never tried it. But on my list of future exotic wishables


@PurpNGold74 Def worth a try man, mine both grew pretty much the same way big nugget on top half things wicked sticky n stinky :sneezing_face:


Ah new beginnings. Good luck my friend :+1::v:


@Dieselgrower thank ya sir :+1::mage:t2:‍♂


Mornin to all Good luck to the outdoor grows, my area in MA hit 36 last night! :wind_face: :four_leaf_clover: also SK2 never woke up this morning looked awesome so before sleep last night :mage:t2:‍♂ Lights out baby :tada: got TD cookin in the tent still see white hairs. The sprouts are sproutin :call_me_hand: n dur as I’m writing this I’m realizing I took no pics while they were out maybe next time they’re out :wink: lol


Is anyone else having an issue with takin a pic through the sites camera the screen is just black?


Had a hot date last night with SK2 just regular morning light @raustin @Drillbit @dbrn32 @merlin44 @Laurap @BIGE @Sirsmokes @Smokin_ernie @SmoknGranny


And right in the sun @Screwauger @ntmaremach @Mr.Indica @neckNflu @brunnstix @PurpNGold74 @peachfuzz @Painfree @Rugar89 @Zombo


Chopping plants like crazy over there, nice work!


Beautiful pics! That last one is a BOM contender.