The Perpetual Randomness Room


Need to go back to the store just a hair short on soil to change Bubblegum :man_facepalming:


Nice roots!


Yes ditto. Beautiful roots you have going there!


Looking solid my friend. I hate when I run outta stuff in the middle of a project.


Just headin home with a fresh bag of soil :call_me_hand: @Familyman


Thanksss @raustin thought you’d enjoy it :wink:


Thank ya @Missiles I’m a tryin :grimacing:


Oooooo soil. Me likey! I need new dirt


Think she’ll be much happier with some leg room lol here’s Bubblegum

@raustin @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @BIGE @Missiles @merlin44 @blackthumbbetty @Budbrother @Zombo @PurpNGold74


Yeah she was definitely ready for an upgrade. She can really spread her legs now.

Ok that sounded bad but you know what I mean lol


Gotcha brothaman :man_shrugging:t2: lol but yeah she needed the room, they all did lol I think that small planter was holdin her back @DoobieNoobie


What a day did a huge job. Been at work for 9 hours i am glad my daughter and her friend help me every time this job is due.


Wow she definitely ready to move on up. I bet she will pick up more so in her new home.


Definately needed some space, hope she gets to :seedling::herb::herb::herb: now :sweat_smile:


Lookin good your way :call_me_hand: :tada: congrats @N00BIE


Get blessed with some fresh nugget? :wink: @Rayofsunshine


@livefast- Thanks buddy!! Your ladies are looking marvelous! My growing season is over, have one auto that will be almost 20 weeks by harvest time. She is one stubborn girl. Can’t wait til next spring, being envious of you indoor growers :joy:.


Thanks man :call_me_hand: @N00BIE n why don’t ya get even a small 2’x2’x6’ then you could have one goin through the cold? Keep ya busy through winter :raised_hands: :upside_down_face:


@dbrn32 now I have 3 300w roleadro led hanging, question is how much are the plants actually getting? I know not the full 300w each just wonderin, they sure like the extra light in there


@livefast, no budget for lights, circulation, tent and such. I still have 5 oz from previous harvest this year, I have no idea how much dry weight I have from this harvest and one more girl. I am gonna guess about 15oz total for this year, not bad for first year grower.