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Hi friends. I am long term surfer of your excellent forum, first time poster :wink: . I read all about new strains experience from you, so i feel that i need to give back to this community. That is, this excellent seed bank, which i use for a couple of years, and i am super satisfied with them.
>>The Original Sensible Seed company<< has a VERY good reputation, tradition (from 1992), and very BIG strain database. They have excellent promotions (look at theirs march promotions, that is unbelievable!), and very good customer support. I order from them at least 15 times, and every time package get on time (minimum wait), and with few extra seeds + freebies. One time i had 3 crushed seeds (ordered 10) and they resend the whole shipment + freebies! Their customer support answer to my mail within the 24 hours. With their owner i can arrange EVERY stealth options possible. A few years ago i was in LOVE with the strain from the "KC BRAINS", KC33. I ordered it from Attitude, Seedbay, Gypsy nirvana and Herbies, but from all that seed banks the seeds was probably old (it is old strain), from which i had germination around 10% (from 10 seeds one pop-up). I that time heard about SSC. I emailed them and ask about the strain and they answered me that the seeds are fresh and that they are guarantee it. Ok, i tell my self and order from them. They sent me 5 freebies with my order, and to my surprise from 10 KC33 seeds, 9 was germinated! I couldn't believe my eyes! And from that time, i never look back, and when i have wish to try some new strains, i just go to their site and order. They are located in Spain and they are VERY generous, honest and straight people. is their site, look at it, they have credit earning system from which you can earn free seeds, the system i never saw before on ANY seed bank. The words is insufficient to express my feeling about them, you need to try it.
So this is my addition to this community. Many new growers knows just about Attitude, Seedbay, etc, but many don't know that out there is this seed bank which is great, and on which old growers keep the word down, because it works for them, and don't want to share. So here it is people, don't listen to me, just go to their web-site, and judge for yourself. I am growing from mid 80's, so i know my stuff. My first order was letter-order from High Times magazine, so believe this old fart, when he has something to tell you.
Stay safe, and keep getting high!


Do you work for the original sensible seed co?


The Original Sensible Seed Co. IS TOTAL RIP OFF AND SCAM…

I ordered $500 worth of beans that were confiscated despite the fact I paid extra fro the stealth shipping.

They wont refund my money and they wont reship my order.



Thanks for the heads up
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Well said. I do not work for Sensible Seeds. I have ordered from them for years with the same great results as were mentioned. Great support, tons of strains what more can you want. While cash deals are kind of scary I have never had a problem with Sensible Seeds.


DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAM COMPANY: Jackalope, you are a liar! This site is fake and they don’t sell anything, they print out confiscated letters and send them to you then say they wont refund you: see my correspondence with OSS co. below! THE WORST of the WORST!!!

Bryce Kelley

May 24, 18:45 CEST

“We offer insured / guaranteed delivery options to most locations Worldwide.
If you are in a location where we offer guaranteed / insured delivery options, in the unlikely event that your order does not reach you in the way it was intended, we will reship your order
Alternatively we can offer a refund.”

My bank said they can not reverse the charge at this point. since you cant refund me reship the order per your policy, what is the new tracking number for my order. you have THREE days.

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On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 8:46:07 AM EDT, Original Seeds Support (Original Sensible)
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Original S
Original Seeds Support (Original Sensible)
May 23, 14:46 CEST

Thank you for contacting us again.
We can only suggest that you insist that your bank reverses the charge as you have not received the goods.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Many thanks

Bryce Kell
Bryce Kelley
May 22, 17:36 CEST

Five days.

What is my new tracking number for this order?

I placed my order on 3/12/17.

I provided you the documentation you requested on 4/6 that the shipment was confiscated.

I waited the 28 working days you suggested - no refund.

I contacted XXXX as you suggested again on 5/3 - the response was “You refund will only be initiated from the merchant or Olivim Ltd.” - since then, they have been completely unresponsive to any email request.

You wont provide me any documentation as I requested that a refund request was actually placed - now you are telling me that you are “locked out of the account” - that’s makes NO sense AT ALL!!! Obviously a refund is unmanageable for the original seed company.

Your policy ON YOU SITE states “If you are in a location where we offer guaranteed / insured delivery options, in the unlikely event that your order does not reach you in the way it was intended, we will reship your order Alternatively we can offer a refund. Please note that we require supporting evidence (photos etc) to show to us how your order arrived.”

I have gone in circles with the company for months, I am telling you to re-ship my order AS YOUR POLICY STATES. I PAID for INSURANCE and stealth. YOU are NOT fulfilling as advertised and I find the entire experience extremely unprofessional. Please provide me a new tracking number as soon as my order ships and please do so promptly. I’m look forward to your response.


Hi, I have ordered from Sensible seed in the past and alway’s received my seeds. So they are indeed a real company. I did not care for the germination results and could not get replacements! There are so many reliable seed co.'s around now.

The Attitude seed co. in England have been around many years. I can attest to there fresh beans and stealth shipping. Yes I pay extra for stealth shipping, but if my order does not arrive they will resend without any trouble. The next place I like also is in England and is called Herbies headshop. There is another place I use to order from in Canada called seed depot. I have not ordered from them in about 5yrs. so I can not say how they are now, but I got some great Black Widow from them that I bred out and have plenty of seed to this day. It’s alway’s a toss up when you order illegal seeds from any where! Best of luck, Mike


Well reading this thread was a complete waste of time! Sure I got the heads up about whatever seed bank they were pushing but for me there’s only one seed bank that will get my business, ILGM.
So thankful I found them and this site. While I may not have gotten many plants to maturity, it’s not because the seeds didn’t germinate. All noob mistakes. Anywho, peace! :v: