The only way to use a zero filter

Got a really good deal on a case of zero filters (auction). Had used one first grow, swore I’d never spend that . much time filtering water. So using one of the lids that comes free on every filter and a brand new $1 bowl from the Amish store, I can now filter a gallon in one pour and just come back in awhile. Had a pressure leak first test. Think it’ll be good now. The black is pruning seal. Over glue on inside. Outside is rtv around the ring then formed with black tape then pruning seal. So it’d be more stable.

If anyone is looking for cheap 0ppm water. The first run with the leaks (before tape and pruning seal), was 5ppm. I attribute that to the really slow leak. Ask some was getting in the container. I quit using my first zero filter when it hit 16ppm, half a grow. Can find these filters all over online for $10 a piece, $20-30 bucks on water per grow. Or less if you let the filter go further. I wish I would’ve thought of this months ago, so much wasted time with the pitcher.

Just took another sample.

Works for me. Was a small test, barely refilled filter. It’s filtering 350ppm well water. Will be back to zero with a full run. Filter new.


Damn @Budz this might be the answer to my problem. I just moved and :astonished::scream: the water here is the worst shit I’ve ever had to deal with. Out of the tap the ph is 7.8 which I can deal with but the tds is over 600ppm I’m running it through a couple 10x2.5 filters with coco charcoal and got it down to 520ppm but the ph went up to 8.1 I added one more step by adding a little vitamin C that will get rid of any chlorine that the filters missed but best of all it dropped the ph to 6.1 but the ppm went back up to 580

Pretty sure you didn’t need all the description of my water problem I guess I wanted to share my frustration lol… anyways what is the actual filter that you have? I’m not familiar with the zero filter

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600 ppm out the tap? I wouldn’t drink it my friend.

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That’s an understatement lol I don’t like bathing in it even through some really good filters it doesn’t smell very good :face_vomiting:

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I forgot to score the Shiney plastic surfaces I expected to adhere. Lol. Happens. So here’s a closer look and I figured if I have to fix it this third. I better be damn sure it won’t leak again. And I am.

I got a jar under it holding center, a glass pan with a charcoal filter filled with charcoal briquettes on top of that. Gorilla glue likes pressure. No more leaks! Lol. Not bad for a first rough af draft. I put no more than 2 seconds of initial thought into this when I bought the bowl…


Your pictures didn’t load @Budz thanks for the information

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How mine are packaged.


Perfect. Slightly modified watering can is my “reservoir”


Filters at auction. $2 ea. Bowl $1, everything else already had laying around in excess. ~ 20 minutes to filter a gallon. The pitcher I had took 15 to do its 1/3rd. And I’d forget about it long before I needed a couple gallons. Lol. This is much more convenient.
Ah, was only 6 cups.

Going in reading today.


I almost forgot the most important part.

The googly eyes! And just chilling in my largest cure jar. Technically I should put a lid on the filter when not in use. But I cut a huge hole in it, didn’t save the previous. Don’t want to take from an unused one. Whoops. Lol. didn’t think of that in the design, no cap during storage may shorten life of filter. Just slapped a glass dish in there. May help.

So now I can filter a gallon with one pour with a zero water filter. I was wrong about the amount of times before. Erm miss leading. It took two and a half pitchers to fill a gallon. It took 3 times pouring water in the top to fill on pitcher. So at minimum I turned 10 pours into one. Saving my time.


A 2 inch pipe 16 inches long filled with activated charcoal with a coffee filter on the end will save you money.

Just an update as I move to coco. Still can’t beat this design.

The issue I have with building a filter is rebuilding it. Be a pain for what I expect it to do. That’s filtering over 1.5g at time. for fractions of a fraction of a cent.

Also I used powdered charcoal with coffee filter in a similar set up to what you mention. It was way slower. Way way slower. Also wasn’t 0 ppm…not even close. This set up is costing me a $1 investment and $4 per grow… everything else was on hand. Still have way more on hand that will never be used.

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It does do better once water level is higher. But free flowing in the air it’s still 15ppm. Changing filter tomorrow. Same filter I created the topic with. The plant it’s fed.


I ended up installing an ro system because the ol lady refused to use the tap water for cooking. I use a 50/50 mix of the ro n tap with a pinch of vitamin C and ended up with what I think is perfect plant water.
300 ppm with ph 6.8 to 7.1 depends on the pinch of C ol lady n plants are happy which makes me happier

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Awesome. Gotta keep the women in your life happy, if you don’t, you won’t be. (☞゚∀゚)☞

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