The ongoing grow

You can see the blips when the dehumidifier kicked on. Overall satisfied with the humidity level.


I finally got my room in check also. Can finally keep it between 45 and 55 now without issues summer sucked lol.

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I can work with summer temps with out AC, as long as you keep them watered, they’ll do fine.


Yeah my room is built off my living room so ac has to keep the living room cooled. Which bring rh in room up even running dehumid and exhausting I to the intake it still wake up to 70+ rh it was scary lol. I dealt with wpm on several plants every 3rd day or so bring it out spray it down. Got sickening lol. This blue magic stuff seemed to work super well tho never seen one I sprayed where after it dried the leaves look nice as hell beside damage from before. But I’m liking it so far will def keep trying it if I need it. So far it seems good against gnats also. I didn’t have alot of them a scraggler here or there but I don’t see any anymore since spraying my coco down the other day with it.


I hope that we don’t have to do this anymore eventually. I will if I have to, if it keeps it away. Still frustrating.


Knew I shouldn’t have cranked that light, too soon. But, great pistils! Few plants are already producing trichomes. I’ll see if I can capture those tomorrow.


Side note for the EM1 I’ve been watching the leaves for signs of it coming back. I can say the places that I’m seeing it are in places that I least likely sprayed adequately. So at this point, I would consider this stuff a successful line of defense for WPM. I’ll continue to monitor and report. I don’t want anyone dealing with this.


I’m the same on the blue magic. Sprayed once and it was super bad. Some spots were blotchy but all the fan leaves looked like it had powder sprayed on them lol. I purposely left that one to test this stuff out and I must say it works well. Next day u would start to see it come back with peroxide no matter the strength. One spray with this 15ml per half gallon I did and I see nothing on the plant 3 days later now I think. I’ll get a pic tomorrow but don’t criticize the bad leaves from all the spraying I did with that plant before the blue magic. Em1 seems a bit more pocket friendly tho


Trying to regularly update. Tent is getting full. SLH, with the variegated leaves hate life. I’ll be removing the fan leaves tomorrow. It’s a solid strain, but those leaves always die first.
Camera doesn’t pick up the WPM very well, but we are leaps and bounds as far as control at this point. I’ll be reapplying tomorrow, I’m hoping with enough applications it’ll go away. Stay diligent my friends!


Do like I did and move to 7,000 feet haha! Very dry climate.


Speaking of that, the dehumidifier is still running balls out, but maintaining 40% or less. If I moved there, I probably would need the opposite! :joy:


My last grow never got down below 50% RH no matter what I did. No wpm. There simply aren’t any number of mold spores floating around.


I believe I know where mine came from clones with a dome over the top started to see the white spots figured I got them but not fast enough. Lol. I think I’m good now. Took a shit ton of alcohol to clean walls and alot of peroxide baths before the blue magic took care of it for me.


I have added a foiliar spraying with water PHd at about 9 into my WPM prevention rotation once a week.


Thanks @Stonedrus I may add this for the future tools to control this issue, or add it to the routine.


Glad to hear the EM1 is working so well @Covertgrower I knew @RAP and @ravenchief and @Ladithief spoke highly of it so figured it was quality.

Thnx for being the wpm test subject

Having a dry climate like @Myfriendis410 I’m thankful for definitely less issues


We are still in the preliminary stages, we aren’t out of the woods yet.
My ultimate goal is to eventually not spray at all, but I may have to continue to keep this under control.


Nope it’s going to eat it all, I have faith


Haven’t used a scope to look but to the eye alone my plant that was co weed looks gr8 after the one spray. Haven’t touched it since. Leaves look hit and it’s a bad specimen as most of the seeds hermied I guess but so far this one looks good no signs of male parts and I don’t find any signs of seeds on the few buds I ripped off for look sees it smells super great and taste even better too bad it turned out to be a Hermie seed set.


Every time I move it she loses leaves or parts of them the split. They r dry asf


Best Pumpkin spice breve this season! 6 shots of espresso in there… :drooling_face: