The one where a couple tries to grow…

newborns are always so cute :sunglasses:

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Well… Not all newborns… :smile_cat:


I will never be the same :joy:


There is a reason for the term ugly duckling…

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Only in the eyes of the beholder


Anyone use nursery bags? Thinking of trying them if we restart. Don’t see much chatter about them in the forums. What I do see looks really positive, but I feel if it was good everyone would be using them lol.

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Day 14: still haven’t watered. Still feels moist at bottom and trying to dry them out. New leaf growth has started again on some so maybe those are on the rebound and will start picking up speed soon. :crossed_fingers:t2:

PLANT 1: slightly less yellow. Slow growin.

PLANT 2: that leaf with gnat damage is officially just dead. Should I pick it off or just let it be?

PLANT 3: just as droopy but color is less yellow and new leaf growth looks good.

PLANT 4: slightly less yellow. Still growin.

So my only questions today is the about nursery bags I posted above and if I should remove that dead leaf from Plant #2? I think my concern should be on new leaf growth and not old correct?

Thanks growmies!!

Day 16: Ok we decided to start over. We could maybe get one or two to a healthy state, but we have more than enough seeds so I rather just have a fresh start using what we learned. We do see some slow growth, however, everyday they look worse than the last. Pics below.

What we did wrong:

  1. Forgot perlite so roots didn’t get enough oxygen
  2. Used old potting mix we had around which was probably tainted
  3. Overwatered the ladies
  4. Took our humidity domes/bags off way too early

What we are doing different:

  1. Using 20% perlite in soil
  2. Using Happy Frog soil that is sealed and fresh
  3. Not watering unless girls are almost completely dry
  4. Keeping humidity domes on for the first full week above ground. Hopefully we won’t have to water while they are on
  5. Have a programmable, smart humidifier from the start
  6. Have a smart temp/humidity monitor from the start
  7. Using nursery bags

Day 0: Dropped 4 more ILGM Zkittles seeds in a small cup of distilled water and covered it with foil. Left it in a spot that is about 78 degrees.

Going to clean out tent and sanitize tomorrow. Should be ready for potting of our new seedlings by Tuesday evening.

As always, advice welcome. Thanks everyone!

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No expert here but the newer growth is not looking bad at all? I wouldn’t throw in the towel on those just yet? Maybe some more experienced folks will be able to offer some better encouragement. Good luck and keep at it!

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Yeah the new growth is looking a nice green and perky, but it really is so slow. In the last week there has been minimal growth. Them being so young and struggling so much already we rather try again and hopefully get a healthier start. If it wasn’t our first grow we would keep on trucking.

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Seeds have sprouted tiny tap roots. Will make sure tent is cleaned tonight and ready for potting tomorrow morning if needed. Last seeds took over 24 hours to show their tap roots so this is interesting lol.


Transferred gently to paper towel. Wet with distilled water and placed in ziplock with small crack in the zip. Placed on seedling heating mat in the dark. Worked great last time.

Most likely potting tomorrow evening.

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We transferred the seeds from paper towel to a nursery bag/solo cup combo. Added slots to bottom of solo cup as instructed. Used FFHF and added a little more perlite. Moistened with distilled water PHed to 6.2. Didn’t forget a thing this time and made sure they weren’t planted too deep. Very proud of ourselves lol. Here is a pic of them before planting.

Now cups are sitting in grow tent with some ziplocks over them. Gave each ziplock a spray of water before adding them. Turned light on to 25%. Thinking they could sprout overnight and I want to give them light as soon as they need. Also I wanted to raise the tent a few degrees. It’s currently 75* in the tent.

As always opinions welcome!