The Oldest stoners new crop


I believe I’m the oldest stoner on this site at 71 years 4 months. Just showing off my plants in their second week of 12/12. Joe


Good looking girls! Welcome to forum. Lots of older folks here. Ill be 65 in 4 months. :wink:


62 here, Plants look great Grampa Joe . Welcome ! :sunglasses:


Does a heart good to know the love of this plant does not die!! Welcome Joe and best of luck going forward with your grow!! @joe1 haha junior screwauger here, 57


66 here, but I think some folks are older from reading the “music from to 60’s thread” a while back. Unless they were 12 and going to Jimi Hendrixs concerts!


Welcome to the forum/family :hugs: I’m turning 65 in 4 months also like @Laurap :heart:


Looks good @joe1. Welcome and come on in, the waters fine. Just a young lad myself at 60


I actually think @highcountrygal has you beat


Ha! I am as old as the earth! LMAO @Sirsmokes


I didn’t mean any disrespect I just thought I remembered you saying that you were older


I love it! No disrespect noted! I that it was funny @Sirsmokes


@joe1 looking great, I turned 47 in April.

I have journal going here:


Nice looking plant; took me a minute to realize the photo was rotated. Lots of us oldy but goodies here. I came to California for the Summer of Love. My little sister was Spiritual Advisor for Woodstock. And I listened to rock & roll music before the Classic Rock period.


Getting close.!!!


Joe… all that your age means is you and your ladies have the same frosty colored hairs on top. Looking good friend rocking the grows in the free world :+1:!!!


I’m in week 7 of flowering. The buds are huge so, I have to tie them to keep them from bending the branch.(next time I will scrog!) The plants are drinking lot of water and starting to lose a lot of leaves. Is this normal?



Hi Joe, yes, it’s completely normal for plants to lose leaves and drink lots of water as you get close to harvest. At seven weeks you’re getting close to the big day.


Thanks! Joe


Really starting to get juicy! Couple of amber spots showing.Mon%20Jul%2023%2019-57-34Mon%20Jul%2023%2019-58-59


I came to California in 1960 from a farm in Virginia, I have always loved growing things. Although my growing now is inferior to yours. I would have loved to have been at Woodstock as much as I love music, just didn’t`t work out. What a unreal music scene.

Peace Bro