The oldest question there is. .

Totally agree. We’ve all put in this time and love and don’t want it snatched away at the last minute.

Two weeks and two days. Then you’ll be there.

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Me too. I pulled 4 early with clear trichomes. Bud rot and i panicked. 3 goodies left. No signs of rot. H2O2 spraying this weekend. Couple of weeks to go, here.:sunglasses: Thanks to all.


Read today 50/50 3% H202 works on mold and also an insecticide. Spray all over. Also said use DISTILLED water. Believe it or not…its in short supply here locally in MA for some unknown reason.:sunglasses:@raustin


50/50 water/h202 ? Seems a little hot?
I’ve been spraying bt but with minimal results…

not too much longer by the looks of it, check it with a LOUPE. keep a lot of air movement going to help stop THE GREY ROT…good luck .
I refer you to Mr Bergmans boss advice via images to do a comparison check…or just pull the fucker now to avoid stress for both of you,

It’s only dope.