The oldest question there is. .

How much longer? Starting to get caterpillars, and I’m getting antsy. :neutral_face:
ILGM Master Kush, started to flower first week in August, NorCal grown


Thanks in advance.







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You probably have a couple weeks left. They’re looking wonderful!


Yes, at least two weeks to go.

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Top man.

Harvest when you want when it feels right for you.

But another week or two… depends on the trichomes and your preference.

After all, you are the KING of your grow.

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I’m waiting a couple more weeks on my OG Kush that looks at a similar stage. I’d wait until those pistils recede a bit more.

I agree, another 2-3 weeks.

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Mid october is harvest for NorCal. Watch the rain and pull early as opposed to “just one more day” if there is any risk.
Source: 30 years of residency.

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I had to pull mine early due to bud rot and catapillers, just gave a lot of it to a friend I’m helping out. He said it still was a great high even tho I cut them about 2 weeks early.

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Sadly, just noticed we have rain potential next week.

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I have rain most all the fecking time!

That’s why Ireland is so green… and devoid of landrace.

Working on it.

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So you’re saying I’m MASTER (Kush) of my domain? :slight_smile:

Thanks Bro

Thanks all.

Study the Forum religiously. As Snoop Dogg says: “Study long, study wrong.”

I think we have a pattern developing. If you ask “Is it time?” Answer is: “2 more weeks”. Speaks to human nature.

But if I get to 3 (caterpillars + bud rot + rain) time to harvest.


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Not exactly.

Mother nature will eventually catch up with you.

Really happens if it’s this year or nexr.

One visual clue that doesn’t require a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe is the condition of the pistils. If the vast majority of the pistils are still white then you know you have a ways to go (“a ways to go” is vague for a purpose). Once the pistils are starting to turn orange/red/brown it’s time to get out the loupe and closely inspect the trichomes. And that’s where the timing of harvest window comes into play based on your preference of effect. Don’t be too antsy and pull the trigger too soon, as tempting as it my be :grinning:. [Edit: unless rain looms large, then harvesting a tad soon is better than ending up with moldy flowers].

I keep reading about a product called Spinosad for caterpillars. Might be worth looking into. Also, I’ve just today spayed my outdoor plants with a half cup of hydrogen peroxide diluted in a gallon of water to combat mold for the last week or two. Time will tell if it works out.

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Even for Indica dominant (Master Kush 95%)? Thought they might be done sooner?

Bow to your experience.

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Sure you can always harvest sooner most just go as far as they can. The plant will just yellow and drop leaves on the way out if it goes too long anyway right. I go from trichomb color or mother nature knockin.

However norcal has a “hard wall” of weather from first week of october and on. I always bring this up to scare people but my good friend lost over 14 lbs of smoke because he tried to get one more day.
Humidity is a harsh mistress!

Perhaps there’s a point in the grow where most are eager to cut, and it’s actually about two weeks prior to the flowers being done. Impatience at this stage is also human nature. Not saying you’re wrong, just that cause and effect might be reversed.


I think it has to do with strong scent. Caterpillars are chompin away, we want to as well. We are animal after all.

I hate caterpillars