The Old Lady of the house

This seed sprouted on Feb. 24 of this year. Indoor, 20 hours of light until April 3 when it looked like flowering was started. Then cut light to 12/12. It has been a long time coming but we are almost there.


Almost 5 months of flower?


Yep, I find that rather strange…and still not ready

@oldmarine @TimK HUH?!? That’s what I’m saying too. 5 months of flower time?! C’Mon, this has to be a joke …right? But, if that little LED on the right side is what you have been using the whole grow, then … maybe.

If that plant is 5 months into flower, I’d hazard a guess that it’s more than ready. What are you using to gauge her doneness?

If the flexi-light got that much flower I say look out when you get a better light
Your gonna grow monsters

Seriously if that’s your only light I hope you caught the grow bug and want to do more with a better light

The work you put into that beauty would be handsomely rewarded with a quality light

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Such as this

Using grow lights with wide spectrum, what will these other lights provide ?

Is that your light in the pic?

So much more than that one in the pic. Don’t go cheap on lighting whatever you decide to do.I currently use the MarsHydro TSW2000. I plan to upgrade to one of HLG’s lighting kits. I figure I’m a handy fella and can save a little and assemble the components myself. Karla says what I am is a handful and she will pay the extra. What she doesn’t know is I’ll need a larger tent for my new light. That’s extra, right?

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The ones I have are wide spectrum, not sure. hold on still have the brochure somewhere. OK 400mm-840mm and 60 watt. Is that about right or what do I need?


The MarsHydro is 300 watts and I need an upgrade…

so it is the wattage not the spectrum ?

Think ice cream. Flavor = spectrum, quantity = watts.

It’s not enough to have super premium chocolate, but only 1 tbsp of it. It’d be better to have Breyers and a whole gallon.

Yeah the watts is what matters in this case

OK, good to know. I will look into increasing the wattage.