The Old Days (Entertainment for Young and Old)

I remember those days, for sure :+1: :v:

Summer of 1968. I had just turned 8 and was playing with my trucks in the backyard. One of the hippies next door leaned on the fence and asked me if I wanted to make a quarter. I knew kids who didn’t even get a dime for their allowance (Not us. We didn’t get sh!t.) I said sure and he handed me a $5 bill and said to take it to 3249 ■■■■■■, go to the backdoor and ask for Tim. I scooted on over and Tim let me in. I gave him the $5 and he reached up on the ice box (Anyone remember those?) and got a paper lunch sack. He opened a closet and inside was a galvanized trash can. (Anyone remember those?) He used a candy scooper and filled the bag full. He squashed it down, folded the top and put a piece of masking tape over the flap. I ran it back to the hippie and he gave me a 1959 half dollar. I still have that half dollar…


The seat of my old 73 nova had little black holes all over it as well as the carpet under my ash tray.
Two toke columbian
Acapulco gold
Never heard of sativas indicas or even cannabis then it was just pot or reefer. An oz was a lid, nickel bags dime bags… Homegrown crap that gave a killer of a headache and smelled like it was grown in a port o let.
Moonshine bongs, now that will fk you up, it scared me so bad I had to be driven home.


I grew up in a college town in the midwest. When I started smoking in high school we’d get our weed from college students or old black dudes. Quality was all over the place. Uncle sam’s army brought me to Texas in the seventies and the weed was strictly mexican, no mas columbian red bud. However some of the mexican weed was top notch even with some seeds. Since I have been a grower since high school days I’d save those seeds. Grew some of the best weed I ever smoked from those seeds.

The bricked up weed was almost always lower quality, the good stuff came in what we called “footballs” of tops bundled up & wrapped in newspaper. Pretty much smoked nothing but mexican other than what I would grow til I retired 6 years ago cause it’s what a carpenter could afford. 80 an oz. 200 a qp and 600 a lb when I left the big city.

So great to read all these stories! I was a teen in the 70s and remember the dime bags. My brother would hang out on the back patio with his friends rolling js. The house was on a hill to it had a tall retaining wall so very secluded. Every Spring my Dad was always complaining about all those weeds coming up between the bricks!


My smoking days began in college in 1970. The weed was Mexican, pressed into one pound bricks, seeds and stems including, for a hundred or so. A lid was $10-20, and the size was dependent on availability. West Texas didn’t see much weed that had a name back then.

I used to be able to roll 1 handed while driving.

I broke my right hand and had to learn to roll with only my left hand. Crappy joints but they smoked, ha.

You all remember robin williams quote “if you remember the 60’s, you weren’t there!”

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Where were you in 69’…smokin dope and drinkin wine

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Smokin dope and doing many other illicit alteration of my minds view of reality.

Shrumes, 8 way window pane, blue micro dot… oh so many!


Rorer 714. Ouch.

@Ontrack … Quaaludes

DC area
Hash oil, peyote buttons, window pain acid, Mr natural blotter acid, Red Bud and Lebanese hash.
Those are what I remember!