The Old Days (Entertainment for Young and Old)

I’m a “newer” grower (again.) I didn’t know where to post my waxing nostalgia. I’m a child of the 60’s that didn’t smoke at all for a very long time. As an older gent, I’m a predominantly medical user now and have recently decided to grow for the properties of specific strains that I can harvest.

How many older folks here remember the following from circa mid-70’s.

We never knew there was a differentiation between indica and sativa. In fact, nearly all of the weed we could get our hands on we remember as having sativa properties.

If you grew then it was outside in the very middle of someone’s agricultural field of something (corn in my case) so that it would be discrete.

We sat around with our pals and toked fatties all day long and never got too stoned. Today’s weed, by comparison, is one hit and your done for a few hours. The consistent high-potency we get these days is absolutely incredible.

Strains were relatively unheard of. You might gets your hands on something called Maui Wowie a couple of times a year, but your bag always had seeds in it and these pet names were more of a novelty than they were an indication of quality of the smoke.

If you are like me you had a half-dozen peeps you hung out with. You all pitched in for a quarter-pound for $90.00. You sold 2 ounces of it and kept 2 ounces for an effective cost of $20 an ounce. It took the half-dozen of you all of 4 or 5 days to smoke up the 2 ounces.

An abundance of leaves and certainly a lot of seeds were always populous in your bag.

My how times have changed.


@merlin44 @Myfriendis410 are a few gentlemen with more wisdom than myself. :wink::grin:


I am with you on this…I was stationed at Pearl Harbor in the 70’s and we would drive into bad parts of Honolulu to find some weed…sometimes we got weed, sometimes we got our asses kicked by the locals who did not like sailors coming into their neighborhood.

Those were the days…NOT

Edit: More like $200 zip though, the quality was generally good if we scored


I grew up in Sansemilla Central (the Central Coast of California) and am old enough to remember (and purchase!) a ‘4-finger lid’ of Mexican weed for $10. Then we started seeing some higher quality stuff and I roomed with a guy who was a gardener (and a grower) so that’s when I learned an appreciation for high quality weed.

You’re right though: this stuff is so much more potent than what we had back then that it’s hard to compare. We did get some Thai stick and “Hollister Stink-weed” (great stuff!) but it was all expensive.


I do remember the compressed weed days I actually seen lots of it through the late 70s early 80s I seen my first green seedless buds probably about 1979, I had a friend that was a gardener his parents owned a lot of property. He would actually go up on the hill and plow up about a 20 x20 foot spot an plant about 15 plants. He knew all about weeding out the males topping and pruning. He’s the one that showed me how to top a plant, and take a few Leafs when needed. He grew some pretty buds back in the day. That would be my first experience seeing buds without seeds. I’ve been hooked ever since with the hobby. Happy growing for all


I am not at all from the 70s, I am a 80s and 90s kid. But growing up we had dirt weed or hydro with hairs and no seeds. Dirt weed was 25 a quarter and it took a whole doobie to get you there. The hydro was super rare and if you scored it you saved it for special occasions. For myself in the bible belt of America weed didnt start being what it is today tell early 2000s. I do still from time to time buy dirt weed from buddies of mine. I just make brownies out of it. Back then anyone who grow did the throw and grow method. And didnt come back to check tell the grow was ready about to harvest. I remember many summers on the islands of the Kentucky river throwing out seeds hoping for the best. Dang deer would eat most if them. Lol. Thanks for the trips down memory lane


I’ve spent a fair amount of time at Land Between the Lakes. Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, that is. I never thought of it as such, and I did smoke and grow some back then, but all of that lesser traveled land that would have been great for an outdoor grow when seeds were plentiful.


Ah the good staple of the 70’s was commercial weed with seeds, along with some hash, Thai stick and Columbia gold is what I remember. Compressed kilos of Mexican that we put in a pillow case and then set it on a pot of boiling water to steam it loose.


Ah Thai Stick. I remember now. Not much there, but it was great and was the only thing we had that resembled the stickiness and smell of what we have today.


Damn y’all are bringing back some memories

Yes, LBL. You sound like you know the area as well as I do.

The Columbian Gold came in unmarked tuna cans, wish I had a picture of that. The Thai stick was in a trash bag in bundles of 10 or 20 sticks each, the Mexican commercial came via the Greyhound bus station in a huge cardboard box, I was only 17-18 years old at the time and a neighbor was the hang out house and dealer. That’s some funny shit right there


Ah the good old days, I don’t remember much of the 70’s :wink:


@Myfriendis410 …. Yeah, the good ol days of the 4-finger lid, dirt weed, and don’t forget about the Mexican weed that was sprayed with paraquat!!


we smoked panama red in the 70s because that where we lived. I remember going to high school after smoking and being easily entertained. if I smoked what I grew my first grow I would have still been on a chiva bus riding around trying to remember where I was going and being ok with not

My area of the world

Joint = $.50
1 finger nickel bag = $5.00
2 finger dime bag = $10.00
3 finger lid bag = $15.00
5 finger ounce bag = $20.00
quarter pound = $70.00 - In 1977 that went to $90.00

Today scary :wink:


I remember those days, basically in that order :+1: :v:


@repins12 @pptrsha1 @pyper……
Looks like we have more old guys here! Welcome guys! I grew up in so cal back in the 70’s…… great times!!


I forgot all about that. Holding it over the steam with a strainer…

Growing ip as a teen in the 80s of eastern kentucky we had phenominal weed. Lots of strip mines and unclimed property to grow on. We brought in columbian seed and some mexican, we called the mexican “red hair”. I remember when the quality of the bud was percueved bt how red the hairs were and how big they were. The bigger and redder the better. Shit i grow now is waaaaaaay stronger but those were the days man.

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