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Oh, I have nothing but good to say about Dr Zymes. You must have applied it to extreme excess.:grinning: You can rinse it off, if necessary, too.

It’s really just citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, and sopanins. I have even made my own using my organic pH adjusters and yucca. It works by messing with the leaves’ surface pH. Microbes can’t attach, insects don’t want to munch.

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I followed the directions for application. Wasn’t happy with the results. Never used it again. I need things that are effective AND idiot proof :laughing:

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve begun looking into this topic but in the meantime the stylet oil is on its way. Although for the past week or so I’ve hardly been seeing any traces of PM in all four of my grow spaces, which I attribute to being vigilant with H2O2 foliar spraying and a few days concocted my own natural spray based on various recipies I found online (consists of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, ground cloves, dish soap, and vegetable oil in water. I’ve noticed that the fungus gnat problem has improved somewhat too since using this, although they probably won’t be eradicated until I can buy a buttload of peroxide to water them all with. Spider mite webs covering some buds appear to be gone too; will be checking closer under the microscope today.

@Drinkslinger you definitely sold me on the stylet oil. Should arrive in a few days and hopefully once it does I can rest a little easier. Thinking in terms of preventative though, I’m still somewhat unsure. I know that weekly sprays with stylet serves as a preventative, but I’m going to learn more about innoculation with myco foliar and I’m thinking that if it does indeed only take an application or two to prevent PM, why do weekly/daily sprayings with anything else? Neem oil seems to be a pretty standard go-to for many growers but I’ve also read some potential negative effects of using it. I think that as I read more into myco spraying I’ll do a few weekly applications of stylet and then switch to the homemade spice and soap mix (probably daily) and see if the problem remains dormant.

Is anyone familiar with using a mixture like this as a pest/fungal preventative? I’ve read anecdotal reports online but have not had anyone answer the question directly If it ends up being that I do have to do some sort of regular preventative spraying, this would be ideal, at least currently, because of how cheap it is to make. I found a site that sold the stylet oil in 4 oz bottles, which is all I could afford for now, and I expect it to only last me a month or two tops.

That’d be the best route to prevention. Most people don’t prevent issues they don’t know they’re going to have. That’s why neem and stylet oil are used. Neem should never be used during flower. It’ll make your buds taste horrible if not potentially harmful (not convinced of needs danger).

I’d assume using a “safe” soap would probably help with wpm. Not sure if it would be more effective than stylet oil or neem.

Haha yeah exactly–it’s funny you say that because yesterday I was going through my photos and I saw the ones I took at the beginning of November of leaves with white splotches on them and I had no idea what it was. That was when my nightmare began LOL.

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Be careful using dish soap. There are so many chemicals in it. Actually plant-safe “soap” or sopanins are very different than dish soap.

You can try yucca or aloe vera as easy to find alternatives.

Check out using citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, and yucca in a high pH foliar spray. I have the recipe somewhere, but not on this forum. Give me time to find it for you.

This solution can also be used as an after-harvest bud wash.

A note on neem oil: some doctors are thinking neem is responsible for the hyperemisis syndrome associated with cannabis.

I have been constantly diligent about staying on top of WPM, I am constantly looking for it and unfortunately also constantly finding it. That is until now.
I bought this because I bought everything else that didn’t work well, I figured I should try to complete the collection.
It’s directions for use are to thoroughly mist everything to the point of dripping, no lights, no fans for 2-3 hours. (I did leave the AC Infinity exhaust fan on 2, it goes up to 10) after 2 hours I turned everything on. I did this 2 days in a row, 2 hours before the lights came on for the day.
So far no sign of anything after 5 days and I am thinking about doing it weekly as a preventative.
So far, I’m happy with the results. I will let you know if I change my mind.

Looks similar to dr.zymes. It functions by dropping the pH to an uninhabitable level.

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And it works better than Hydrogen Peroxide, or GreenCleaner.
I am very interested in trying the myco foliar spray that I read about on here as a preventative also.

@Drinkslinger you’re my goddamn hero (and the rest of you are equally as awesome).

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