The official WPM thread. Put it all here

I do wash my buds tho,with hydrogen peroxide once they cut and ready to dry!! Hope this helps


A frass? Like this? I see this one is water soluble and recommended as foliar.

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It basically does the same thing as myco, except you have to wait for the good guys a bit longer. And deal with other stuff than just straight up fungus.

Look up a product called (orca) I call it the big brother to a product called (great white)…
It has a crap load of different beneficial bacteria…
It also comes in a liquid form , so it mixes up extremely well… :+1::wink:

I’ve used great white in the past. Also for transplanting.

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That Orca stuff seems pretty damned amazing. One day, I might put it into rotation in my grows.


You wont be disappointed…
A little gos a long way…
I mix 1 mill to a gallon …
I grow in rdwc so the fact that it comes in a liquid is a bonus for me when it comes to mixing…
I know most people love to use powder because it’s cheaper, but I never have any floaties or powder sludge anywhere in my systems…
When I was growing in soil I used it every 2 weeks , as well as mycko’s and azzos’s when transplanting…


I currently have my microbe game on lockdown. If I ever decide to use a new product, Orca is one of the ones I’d try.

I love the Root Trio and Recharge.


I’m currently supplementing with mammoth P and hygrozyme. Orca looks to be chock full of microbial goodness. I’m assuming there’d be no issues adding it to my brews?

I’m always willing to try something new.

@blackthumbbetty if you go straight to their site, plantrevolution, they offer a 100ml sample for $5 shipped. I couldn’t resist.


Once I’m done with what I have, I might think about giving it a try. I don’t really like to start adding random stuff in the middle of my grows. As I’ve said, I am very satisfied with my current microbe line-up.

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nice, just bought the same

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I just gave ALL the girls a nice liberal spray with piranha/h2o @5ml/gal

Let’s see where we are in another week.
Fingers crossed.


Keep us posted, for sure!

Btw, I wasn’t trying to be a butt-head. These products have expiration dates, so I don’t want to waste a sample product by ordering it a year or more before I’ll use it.

I spent waaaaay too much on the stuff I already have to let that go to waste, either. Amazon won’t deliver the AN in large sizes, so I had to buy them locally, @ 90 bucks a bottle, times 3. Oh, yeah, I am using that stuff til it’s gone/expires.


@blackthumbbetty whom make the Root Trio or Recharge ?

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Advanced Nutrients makes the Root Trio. Real Grower’s is the company name of the Recharge.

Thanks @blackthumbbetty for that information . I’m not sure if we can get that here in Australia .

It’s been 6 days since I sprayed with the Piranha. Yesterday I saw the tell tale signs of wpm re appearing on several plants. I sprayed again with piranha.

Apparently one spray down doesn’t eradicate it, but it does seem to knock it back at least as good as the serenade. Let’s see what happens after several sprays.

Good news is it doesn’t stink, and it’s safe to spray on flowering plants at least until the last week or so.

My current rh is 35%-45% and temps are now 62f -79f

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My flower room humidity runs from 25% to 45% humidity and I have no issues…
I believe that you have spores all over that’s allowing it to keep coming back…
Not sure if you can do this or not , but when I got dirty clones from a friend , I bleached everything twice every week for 2 months and threw a heater in there when outside temps were 120 degrees Fahrenheit and brought the room up to like 150 degrees Fahrenheit and also sprayed the whole room down with the nastiest bug spray I could get my hands on for those 2 month’s as well…
It was a non stop war that I waged on my flower room…
I think your going to either have to buy a new tent are go my route… :+1::wink:

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Yeah, the heat thing isn’t going to work. It’s winter here, outside lows are single digits and my basement ranges from 50-60d f.

The light at the end of the tunnel is I’m building a “permanent” grow room in the basement. Closed off, insulated, fire rated Sheetrock, and better intake filtration. I know wpm can hitch a ride on my clothing, or even when I just open the door, but I’m hoping a new clean growing area and stepping up foliar spraying with microbes will leave the wpm nightmare in the dust.

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