The official WPM thread. Put it all here

@420keppy some great information here on what you are dealing with!

Hello all, I haven’t posted for a while, busy with new job and family stuff. I have been growing indoors for about two years now. I have a grow room in basement with built in grow tents so I can flower and veg at same time. (I have pic’s of old set up in old post, the grow room has gone through a remodel in the last year new post to come). I never had any problem with WPM during first 3 or 4 grows but then I got a major infestation of Fungal Gnats that took almost two months to clear up and ever since I have been dealing with WPM.

At first I thought is was a spoiled bottle of FF Tiger Bloom and over spray during watering that stated the whole mess, still not sure if that is what started it all.

So far it only shows up during flower(Knock on wood) and not until around week 2-3. I keep a clean grow (scrub walls, pots, etc.) every time a new plat enters room, and it always comes back. I am still working on airflow and am waiting for my wireless Temp/RH to arrive so I can monitor while lights are off. As my grow room is in basement not sure what the range is during dark cycle.

Gonna start treatment with H202 and increase air flow in grow. Also thinking about adding an extra inline fan at to push clean air into tent(already have 4" inline running as an exhaust.)

And before I forget. Huge Thumbs up to @Drinkslinger for starting this thread. This was a great idea, lots of good info. This is a shitty problem to have and many heads are better that one. LOL

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Keep your plants healthy and stress free. I believe this is the best way to avoid wpm.

Foliar microbe sprays like piranha appear to keep the wpm in check the best during flower, but you have to watch every day and spray sometimes every day. This of course can lead to bud rot if you don’t have lots of airflow and your rh in check.

Also be proactive. Use microbe sprays, neem etc. during veg. This will foster a hostile environment for wpm as well as keep the plants healthy.

Green cure does appear to destroy wpm (mostly), but you can only use it in veg and it really does a number on the leaves/plant as well. Every time I used it the plant was so nuked it took a month for it to come back around. In that time I could’ve started fresh from seed. So I wouldn’t use green cure preemptively, just as a last ditch effort.

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I am always watching. lol My plants are like part of the family. treat them like they are my kids, so far I have been removing any leaves the have visible WPM on them(after wiping WPM off leaf with a wet paper towel to help contain the spread of loose spores. Should I continue this practice before I do any spray treatments of leave the infected leaf, or leave them and see if treatment is working?

Remove leaves. I don’t think I’d bother with paper towel unless it was h2o2.
Spray liberally and regularly with a foliage microbial supplement. Piranha or Orca seem to be semi effective.

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I can’t believe I forgot to update this :man_facepalming:t2:

After many, many, many different products. After probably $500 wasted. I finally found the best solution for WPM. It’s JMS organic stylet oil. It’s odorless, tasteless, doesn’t nuke your plants, and useable right up to harvest (no, I didn’t need it that late).

A few applications at the first sign of wpm, and it basically disappears. I have had to give another application during flower once, but I noticed zero impact on taste/effect.

If you find wpm it’ll be the best money you ever spend.
I wish I’d found it sooner.


Wpm can be sorta controlled by adjusting the environment so that mildew cant form. I know that sound simplistic and outdoors its really hard to control. Indoors its a matter of making the environment hostile to mildew formation by having adequate air movement, and reducing humidity.

Hey been following your thread on pm…I’ve basically walked your path and still fightin the crap. Been growing for many years never had a problem with the stuff til adding a plant from another grow…then boom. I’m about in the same place as you …thinking I just need to terminate my plants clean again and start over. Just seems once the plants are infected they continue to have issues no matter what spray I hit em with and no matter how many times I clean…So has this skylet oil wiped it out?? or you still seeing some…??..Thanks

Applying the stylet oil on infected plants, pretty much keeps the wpm at bay. I’ve seen small traces on a couple plants in flower, but another application seems to do the trick. I don’t believe it eradicates it.
If you were to clone infected plants I’d wager there’s a good chance it’ll re appear.

I used to find spots of wpm and get anxious/depressed. Now I just shrug and hit em with stylet oil.

I will most likely be ending all my grows this winter, (just too busy to keep up). I’ve been frustratingly battling wpm as well as aphids that will not quit.

This will give me a chance to ozone everything repeatedly, as well as start with 100% new genetics. Hopefully I can restart in the spring and have no more issues (ha).

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Thanks for the reply…I’ve got a couple in late flower soon as they finish going to trash everything and clean again and maybe clean one more time…lol. Then starting over…I’ll let ya know if it pops back up…good luck and happy growing!!

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I got all this right after using these Nutes. I used the microbe brew and Bembe together on the flowering plant. I put 1 teaspoon of both mixed in 250ml water ph was 6.1.

I used the flowering kiss on both plants in a foiler spray. I put 2 teaspoon in 400ml water ph was 6.3.

This was my first time using these nutes I just bought them. Originally I was using FF fertilizer on the flowering plant and sorta just gave it fertilizer on Monday…

Its obvious I did too much nutes. Should I flush use the sledgehammer to clean the plant? Should I do it ASAP? How do apply it, by the recommended portion or start with half like the nutrients ?

The box I got yesterday someone wanted to support my grow :frowning: I applied it terribly.

Guys and gals, mildew requires high humidity to flourish. If you are having a mildew issue, you can use anti fungicides to clean it up but really the key is to control your RH. I had wpm on indoor hydro peppers that I cured simply by using a dehumidifier. Were the spores still there? Yes! For sure! But the organism wont grow in a hostile environment. So for sure, use stylet oil or what have you, but if you are having this issue it will be because the environment is right for the organism to thrive.

What ratio did you use for mixing the stylet oil? :v:t4:

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I believe, off hand, 11ml per quart of water.


Cool. That’s kinda what I derived, 5.6ml per 16 ounces after some research. Pretty damn close to what you used. Thanks brother :v:t4:

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So I’ve been in my battle with wpm and I just did a treatment of neem oil to my plants after wiping down the wpm with a damp paper towel off of every place I could find it which was a pain I’d rather not keep repeating over and over (something I’m sure many in the thread can relate to) but so far it seems to be working. My question for you is going off of the JMS stylet-Oil advice that you put up I’ve been lookin around and was wondering if you thought that the Southern Ag 09202 Parafine Horticultural Oil would work the same as that? It seems to have about the same active ingredients so I wasn’t sure if it would be somewhat equivalent or not. Where my budget is very slim I’m tryin to figure out what I should be trying to do to get my girls through harvest. I know neem isn’t good for them going through flower and they are at the end of their 3rd week of 12/12 timing so I gotta figure out my next move in the battle.

My experience has only been with the JMS. I can’t really vouch for anything else.
It does appear to be more effective on non flowering plants. Probably too many places for wpm to hide when there are buds.

You def don’t want to be spraying neem on flowering buds.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably be adding that JMS to my stock very soon to try to help out whenever the wpm rears its head again. I haven’t had the problem before but this time my grow is much more dense up in the canopy because of the scrog grow.

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Hey all I just figured I’d check if anyone has any experience with GrowSafe BIopesticide as something to fight against the wpm? It seems like you can mix it at different strengths depending on the infestation and says its safe to use until harvest and from clone. So if the description is somewhat good it could be worth grabbing I’m just debating between that and the JMS oil now because yea I don’t have alot of budget to work with in my fight. I hadn’t seen anyone mention it here so figured I’d check.

So I decided to order the GrowSafe Biopesticide I figure that the worst case scenario is that I end up giving everyone here a review that it doesn’t work as well as it might have but it sounds like it could be worth a try in this battle so I’ll keep you all updated. Happy growin all