The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


I used it at 50% of what the bottle says and that seems to keep it at bay for me.


High fives you guys… :raised_hands:
Apart from that they looking good. Topped only yest am and look at the growth. Bearing in mind I havnt done this before. I usually just let them go their own way. Kicking my heels together!
And I am absolutely delighted to say that a packet of autos I found in the cupboard have actually sprouted 1 out of 6! So that’s getting chucked in the mix as well… in for a penny in for a pound :roll_eyes::thinking: x


I’m hoping that works out literally for you. Watch your spacing and remember seedlings mean less is more


Ah @PurpNGold74 I’ve just got up with THE worst back pain ever… please explain ‘with seedlings less is more’. Should I just leave them alone? X


Kinda. There’s a such thing as too much love. Do ur germination process. Set her in soil. N forget her.

Don’t overwater

Don’t go poking in soil every 3 hours

Don’t accidentally knock her over.

Just trust the seed and ur skills



Keep It Simple Stupid


Just no need for the kiss comment…:rofl::kissing_heart: spesh as am in so much pain.:disappointed_relieved: Needing sympathy here man! Come on tho… she needs to be topped I’m told it’ll help her and meeeee in the long run x


You’ve already got her. N looks clean n like she hasn’t missed a beat. By tomato you’ll see those two coming on up.


N I’m sorry bout the pain. Responding quickly. Tryna get everywhere before I doze off :joy::joy: I do hope you feel better though


Ah am a tough cookie. Thanks purps… got get some shut eye. Sweet dreams my friend x


Your commentary cracks me up!! :joy::rofl::joy:


I’m English, dont you know! Contrary to belief some of us do have a sense of humour :joy:
Pleased am entertaining you @shungitewhap, all one big experiment :kissing_heart:


How’s the day treated you my time traveling friend? Almost noon here. N ur looking @ Monday :joy::joy:


I love English humor! Whenever I have time to watch a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime I always look for British shows. They understand dry humor and effective sarcasm. Another big difference between English and American T.V is the Americans will cast an absolutely HORRIBLE actor/actress as long as they are attractive or sexy. English producers care more about the quality of the actor and they have just regular looking people in their shows. Not that they are ugly but they are not over the top plastic and made up. I love how much more genuine they seem. One more thing… your guy’s crime and suspense shows are way better. If I watch a detective show from America five minutes in and I can guess what is going to happen and basically how the season will end. With the Brits they weave more complex plots and don’t go for the obvious dumbed down approach. Sorry… a little of topic and quite a decent rant but… just thought you should know. :wink:


You’ve been quiet well for you at least lol. I hope all is well.


Wow @shungitewhap thanks for that lil insight :joy: I’m guessing you’re not English then! :raised_hands:
@PurpNGold74 @DoobieNoobie am ill. Totes self inflicted. FORCED… to go out with a friend Sunday and I’m still off the map today. I swear I am never ever drinking again. X


Hahaha. Sorry to hear u had a bit too much. Sounds like a normal evening to me :joy::joy: wake up like uggggh never again. 12 hours later… shots bishes!!!


Nope. Born in America. Have been to Britain and elsewhere in the world though. Sorry you don’t feel good! Alcohol can be rough stuff.


Lol well hopefully you at least had fun. Last time I got really drunk was a friend’s 40th birthday. We all got smashed. Then I had to ride my motorcycle home a four hour ride in the summer heat the next day. It was horrible. That was 2 years ago and I’ll damn sure never do that again.


Cheers for ya sympathies @PurpNGold74 Pmsl @DoobieNoobie… that’s just about how am feeling now. I’ve chucked myself all over the couch today… still feel as sick as a bloody dog. Why oh why do I always take things to extremes! Gin is the devil… yak! I’ve actually got the shakes and it’s 2 days later. Not big not clever.
Anyhooooo… back to my lil uns… the leaves on these triffid looking things are like frikken umbrellas! So much so that underneaths not getting much light? 3 weeks on thurs they been transplanted. Was planning on switching on Xmas day… lil pressies for myself! Have a look at these will you… And you @shungitewhap cos I got a feeling ya lurking :joy::hugs: Please tred carefully… am still fragile in foetal position :nauseated_face: x