The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


Time you get to flower they aren’t going to be little anymore :joy::crazy_face:


I like the idea of experimenting a plant or two each style. Give you a better idea of what does what. That was my plan originally. Didn’t quite work out but you just go with the flow if it doesn’t work lol.


Yup. Variety is the spice of life ya know. Do one to each. Id pass on the scrog. Defo will get crampd in there!


Still cal def? Only added cal mag to feed 2 days ago? Ahhhh :woman_shrugging:


Those damaged leaves won’t recover, so they’ll just die off. You can take them off.


I agree, try your hand at a few different methods and see what works best for you.


They’ll just stay ugly n crisp up n die. I let them take the brunt of the damage until im sure the deficiency is in line. Then pull em off.


Ahhh my Lord… there’s quite a few leaves turning now… cal mags in… no new growtth affected. Anyways just keep my fingers crossed.
Here’s a question… probs for the light guys… from 10am till 5pm today I’ve had intermittent power cuts. The longest being a continuous 3 hr slot where my lil ladies would have been plunged into darkness. Happened a couple of times last night too but only for say 10 mins tops… anything I should do it not do to counteract? It was a grid thing by the way… And not my unruly electronics :grin: @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @Smokin_ernie @raustin @PurpNGold74 x


Nothing really you can do about lights now, hopefully wasn’t long enough to change much. I’m not 100% sure that’s a calmag treatable issue either. Maybe more like phosphorus, but I’m not 100% sure.


What all I do any suggestions x


I wish I could help but that’s beyond my knowledge level. Other people have had power issues and didn’t seem to have any major issues. Someone once compared it to a bad storm outside or even a clouds. Granted even on bad days outdoors there’s still some light spectrum that gets through. As for the deficiency I defer to the experts. I think it looks like the calmag and like raustin said the leaves don’t get better afterwards. But they shouldn’t be getting worse so maybe dbrn32 is right. Throw up a few fresh pics from different parts of the plant just in case there’s something else.


Not really sure but I do know if you have timers you want to make sure they are on the right time.


Yup pics or it didnt happen :joy::joy:


Yep timers are reset… And they have promised it wont happen again. :woman_shrugging:suppose I’ll just have to keep an eye on them and take that one on the chin.
Righhhhht… pics… what do you reckon? X


Looks like a calcium deficiency. Im not the best tho. @raustin can i use ur eyes for a second.

@stells havr u been adding calmag in watering/feeds and pHing properly? (Always pH AFTER u add supplements)


Yeah it definitely looks like calcium. But since you just fed them the extra I’m guessing it got worse in appearance while the plant was getting it worked up through the roots. I bet it doesn’t get much worse. And they will look like that until the end.


Yep, that’s calcium deficiency.


Yay!!! My learning continues. Got the diff between cal and mag down pat. Now for macro issues :joy:


Thanks guys… yeah I am on it… PH after supps. Maybe I need to read the bottle again… might be the dosage. :thinking::roll_eyes:
Should I add to every feed or just until I see it stop? X


A teaspoon every feed :+1:t5: