The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


Thanks guys… what’s your thoughts on fabric pots? X


They are the bees knees. I haven’t graduated to using them myself of course (when do i ever buy stuff BEFORE recommended it highly) but alas. Def worth the investment. 5 galls for big ole monsters. 3 galls for managable shrubs


That’s me dumping the pots and opting for fabrics then! Been reading about diff stuff and all seem to say same as you Purps :raised_hands: x


I don’t grow in dirt so take my opinion for what it’s worth. But I am planning on joining the grow off in January and I’ll be using a fabric pot for it. To me the benefits of it make it the best choice for cannabis.


Lol. Thanks for the vote of confidence. By the aforementioned growoff i should be fab potted too


Grow off?! Pray tell? X


Was men vs women. But Jan 1 we are having a ‘who’s the best grower contest. Germinating seeds that day. Think a 6 month contest


Ah good crack that! Be interesting to watch and read! Will it be logged on one journal? X


Yep the whole thread will be nothing but pics of the plants. Then there’ll be a separate chat thread for it.


Fabulous stuff… can’t wait to read and watch x


Ok… So whilst am patiently waiting for Leds to arrive I’ve repotted my girls and buried as deep as I could in the pots that I had to hand. Once I’m set up I will be changing to fabrics. I’m also in the process of having a little experiment. I have had 6 double cheese from clones x 3 grows so far yielding 24, 28, and 29oz. This time round it’s all change… going from hps to leds, pots to fabric and clones to seed. I’m also going to scrog 2 of my plants on one side of my grow tent. I’m going to make a support and use string so it can just be cut off when done with. Question for you lot please… What height or what stage would you start to scrog?
Another question whilst am here and thinking about it… dimmers… why? I don’t get it? Could someone enlighten me please? @dbrn32 And last but not least all the above depends on my ladies pulling through and holding on in there… but I’ve noticed somethings going on with the Iower sets of leaves… They look like they are dying… And are changing colour and droopy so defo sick. Maybe because of replant? Help please… as always TIA @PurpNGold74 @DoobieNoobie x


Those little cotyledons (the little round leaves) die off as the plant matures. That’s the age they’re getting ready to need nutrients depending on what soil you’re in.


Ah! That’s not so bad then… makes me feel a whole lot better :raising_hand_woman:‍♀’ve never had to do this before… always cloned. Thanks @DoobieNoobie how long have I got? Any idea? X


If they’re in regular potting soil with no nutrients you could start on next watering but only a low dose like 1/4 of seedling strength


Dimmers aren’t completely necessary, but they are a handy tool to have. Gives you more control over your space. Plus the leds run more efficient at lower current, so you can always save some power when you don’t need full intensity.


Yup when switching from cheaper lighting to the more intense boards id definitely dim it as low as possible and allow them to get used to it in increments over a couple weeks.

Also Doob is on it. The cotyledons are the feeders til she is fully rootd and can feed that way. They die naturally. After they start to wither a light feed is fine. Can we see em in natural light?


Yeah so they are all like this… so I need to 1/4 the nutes I usually use in full pots? Nightmare. I shoulda stuck to clones.:joy: On the subject of clones… does a clone off a clone off a clone etc decrease in size, smell etc? X


O yea. Give em a 1/4 of the starting level. And theyll perk up. And no. Clones of clones of clones should keep potency flavor etc. they will change a little because the soil and process of growing will be a bit diff. But essentially the same genetics


Nothing much to report here apart from lights have arrived and I’ve wired them up…Please see 1st pic. Then when I’d finished I realised I need to wire to bloody dimmer. 2nd pic. Couldn’t find a vid that took me all the way through it. Can someone help please?..before blowing my house and myself to kingdom come! :see_no_evil: Actually was quite proud of myself managing this far… spesh when I turned them on and nothing went bang! And yeah yeah I know there’s a live wire there… :shushing_face:. Wondering why i need 3 drivers and 3 dimmers? Cant i just run them all off one? Actually forget that, as it seems easier to set 3 seperates up. Also timers… will they still work?
Obvs my main concern here is to reduce my electric consumption. Hopefully this will help. So no negative comments please :pray:A girls gotta try!

If I’m not back in a day or 2 am dead :thinking::roll_eyes::grin: x


Which dimmer do you have?