The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


Thanks guys… what’s your thoughts on fabric pots? X


They are the bees knees. I haven’t graduated to using them myself of course (when do i ever buy stuff BEFORE recommended it highly) but alas. Def worth the investment. 5 galls for big ole monsters. 3 galls for managable shrubs


That’s me dumping the pots and opting for fabrics then! Been reading about diff stuff and all seem to say same as you Purps :raised_hands: x


I don’t grow in dirt so take my opinion for what it’s worth. But I am planning on joining the grow off in January and I’ll be using a fabric pot for it. To me the benefits of it make it the best choice for cannabis.


Lol. Thanks for the vote of confidence. By the aforementioned growoff i should be fab potted too


Grow off?! Pray tell? X


Was men vs women. But Jan 1 we are having a ‘who’s the best grower contest. Germinating seeds that day. Think a 6 month contest


Ah good crack that! Be interesting to watch and read! Will it be logged on one journal? X


Yep the whole thread will be nothing but pics of the plants. Then there’ll be a separate chat thread for it.


Fabulous stuff… can’t wait to read and watch x