The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


You mean the plants themselves or the prop? Cos I have the prop an upturned pot. Gonna have to take the top off shortly cos they at mm’s from touching and no I’ve took the other light off. Should I put it back? X


Ahhh! I see theres a dome. And the light is just over the dome. I say u toss that. Unless ur house is super dry they’ve made it out the dome requirement level. And yes if u put it back make sure its the right distance. Lemme go peek at both the lights. Dont wanna burn them tryna stop the stretch…

The double strip says it should be about a foot away… @Mrcrabs do u have any problems running it at a closer distance?

And Stells what was the other type of light?


I would also get in there with a stick or something and support them before they fall over
I run a 300w (147) actual draw watt led fixtures about 10- 12 inches off the top of my dome


This one …


No sticks… so making the best outta a bad sitch @Countryboyjvd1971 ? X


:+1: that works for me


@PurpNGold74 @stells Mine are about 8in away from light with no problem. Leds don’t put out much heat so you’ll be fine if it’s a little closer than 12in


I’ve took the top off the propergator as they are millimetres away and I suspect will be touching by tmrw. I’ve lowered the lights to about 10inches and also added the light that I took off when I replaced. Fingers crossed they stop stretching as ill be selling beans shortly :rofl:. Thanks guys… yous are the bees knees. ( Cats ass!) :wink::joy: x


Yes! I do believe they have stopped stretching. (Fingers, toes, legs, arms & eyes crossed.)
Looks like we have a little leaf growth too. Am so happpppy! :grin::grin:. Not sure about one of them but she might grow into it shortly. Teabag (she has a name now) is going strong… pass me the gin! :hugs::hugs: x


Ah… And good morning to you all! :hugs:


G’morning Stell. By George, i think uve got it! Well done


I bloody well hope so my friend :pray: x


Woohoo they’re growing leaves which means they’re growing outwards now.


Day 4 week 3
Ok! So my babies seem very happy… but one seems to have a little disabled leaf growth. Will this effect the plant? By the way… this is not the teabag :blush::raised_hands:. @DoobieNoobie @Countryboyjvd1971 I’m also wondering as they all get bigger will their long stalks support them? When’s best to actually get them transplanted? @PurpNGold74 Whoops… nearly missed this bit out. For better or for worse I have been in touch with a factory in China and have sent the spec I need for LEDS quantum boards! I have paid for it all so let’s see what the end result is! Samsung chips… 3 x 280w. Meanwell drivers and obvs heat sinks. Now… they obvs have to have customs tax added but because it’s LED and environmentally more friendly than a normal bulb it’s actually cheaper… or so I’ve read. Anyhoooò… it’s done now so I’ll keep yous all informed when they arrive. @dbrn32 One more thing I forgot to ask originally… yadda yadda yadda…:see_no_evil: is… I have some auto seeds… Can I chuck them in on my normal light schedule once I get these transplanted? Nothing ventured nothing gained eh?! :kissing_heart:


Ya you can run autos along with them if you want.


Cheers Db x


That bottom one looks somewhat like the one I had that was a little over watered. But otherwise they’re looking good.


@DoobieNoobie do you think it’s a good idea to transplant into diff pots, get those stalks covered? X


They’re definitely growing now. You’ll need to sooner or later so if you have the supplies to do it I would say go for it.


Sorry about the delay. I disappear from time to time. Congrats on the lights. :+1:t5::+1:t5: And yup u can transplant and bury those stems whenever ur ready. Just be weary of overwatering. Small plant, big pots = pay attention and dont give more then she can drink.