The Noobius grow

Hello to all, and welcome to the noobius grow. This will be my first ILGM grow and first grow in over 15 years. I have, as i feel a lot of new growers here have as well, done my share of research browsing forums as well as reading Robert’s Grow Bible. As I said i have grown before, but this was 15 years+ ago, and I currently am on a very limited budget but have also have reasonable expectations for how this is more than likely going to turn out. I have purchased the platinum mixpack from ILGM and will be growing one of each Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Gold Leaf in soil in a 4’x4’ tent under two 4’ 4 lamp t5 fixtures. Germinated 2 seeds of each just in case, and will use the 2nd plants to start clones for the next grow. 24 hours in a cup of water, straight to soil in a solo cup. My current debate is wether or not to scrog these? To any who wish to read, comment, follow along, and impart wisdom feel free. I will update as often as possible.



As you can tell made the classic mistake of having lighting too far away from sprouts, so they stretched a bit. Still dont look bad though.


Seedlings look good, if possibly a little damp. Be sure you have drainage holes in the cups and don’t keep that soil surface constantly wet.


@noobius Welcome to the ILGM Forums and welcome back to growing. Try foliar spray only on those babies and they will be a tad happier! I will be following along.

If you have question or whatever tag us like I tagged you in the first line and it flags us to come over and see whats up!

@noobius welcome to the forum. I would love to follow this grow along, I would love to try the super silver haze. Supposed to have a bit of lemon scent to it. If you have any questions just use the @ symbol. It’ll notify whoever you tag. Happy growing! The girls look great.


Looks like you can add some soil to the solo cups, that will help support the stems. And just watch over watering, like others were saying @noobius. Great people here, with a vast array of knowledge to help you out.


@PhantomFarmer every cup has 8-10 drain holes in the bottom. i had literally just added water and for some reason that soil holds it at the top for about 15 mins. after that it settles throughout and dries up. i wont be buying this brand of soil again. not my favorite.
@Covertgrower super silver haze is the one im most excited about as well.
@Zombo I dont know why i didnt think of that. lol they definitely are more stable after i added a bit more soil. i hadnt even realized how much it settled until i saw your post.
@bob31 thanks for the tip. ill give it a go


How about on the sides @noobius here is a pic of what I start my photos in


Ill have to pop a few more holes in them then. Next time ill have to do it before hand. would probably be much easier.


Welcome to the forum @noobius. The girls look good and you are getting some great advise already. Happy growing and I’m sure your grow will turn out great.


I used a soldering iron to do those, but obviously before I had a plant and soil in them. I would try and get a couple on the sides down lower on the cup to help it drain and breath. Don’t really need to water the soil much a little foliar spray a couple of times a day is all they need and a spritz or two on the soil. Once the next set of leaves come out you can start giving them a real drink as needed.


Welcome to the forum @noobius! Looks like you are in good hands. Looking forward to watching your grow :sunglasses:


found a small drill bit to poke through the plastic cup pretty easily. thanks for the tip @bob31


Welcome to forum. Youll be amazed how quickly girls will grow. After a week roots had already started coming outta bottom of cup on my girls so be watchful.


Woohoo @noobius
First off welcome to the forum
The sprouts look good
If you need any assistance just tag me
I ll be watching the tread bro :+1:
happy growing
:v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Welcome @noobius! You have the attention of some great folks so enjoy!


Hi noobius, looks like you have things under control…have fun; I will follow along.


Hey there Noobius!!

It’s great to meet you!!

A huge congrats on your grow!!:+1:

I too am on my first grow in a long time. Sixteen years to be exact.

It appears that your off to a great start.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

We’ll speak soon.:+1:

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So I know that with photo plants you can force an early flower to get a quicker yield, but what would the earliest you should start flower to still produce a decent yield? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. @bob31 @Alton66 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower