The night is dark and full of terrors

After 116 days (65 in 12/12), the Dinamed CBD plant begins her 48 hour night of darkness,hopefully to terrify her into producing a few more medical trichomes.


man that looks great alan!!!
i’ll be interested in hearing all about this cbd plant…
any special plans with it? concentrates,flower?


This is a first for me. I’ll try extracting the cbd with coconut oil in a slow cooker (I’m working on my best Eric Cartman imitation to use on my wife…“Maaaahhhm, I need a slow cooker like RIGHT NOW!”) Then I’ll try making salves, edibles…there’s all sorts of great ideas here, even a salve recipe using the roots of the plant. It’s very exciting! And I still have a monster Blue Dream plant going to celebrate my wonderful medical successes with.


@DieHigh55 She looks pretty frosty to me! I have a friend with MS and he has a few CBD strains he is growing and makes all his dab stuff from them. I’ll see what strains he is growing and will pass your strain on to him! Art comes in so many forms, magic hands!

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Yeah, I’d appreciate that. Does the cbd help his ms? I wouldn’t mind doing something wonderful for humanity before I have to pull the plug, especially if it’s something so easy as growing a plant.


Good job my friend. Some about helping others feeds our souls. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


The tent is dark and full of reefer


ahhh,reefer madness!!!
trunk’s up!!

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And a wonderful madness it is!

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