The newest update to my flowering

Seedsman Purple Bud from clone
Week 5 of flower. Still about 4 weeks to go
@monkman, @dbrn32, @Grandaddy013, @ThcinKC
Opinions? Thoughts? Thanks!


What lights are you running?
Some of those leaves looking crispy and some nute burn have you done runoff ph and ppm?

Your on the way to having corn cobs in a minute do you have a way to tye up the plant because those will get heavy buds. Do you flush ?
What nutrients are you using?

Good work so far keep it up


I agree, looks like a little nute burn or something on leaves. But some really nice colas!


Yep, a little heavy on the nutes

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It could possibly be nute burn. It’s the second one I’m flowering out of 3. It was in rough shape when I got her. The medium is just no good! Lol
It’s in a 3 gallon fabric pot and so was the last one. They did that on the other plants these ones were clones from as well by my friend.
I’ve dropped way back on feeding her for like 2 weeks and she’s only getting water for the past 4 days
Yeah I have hold up stakes. I had to put one in the last plant and tie all the buds to it. It worked good
Lighting…is not a heat issue, for sure. Canopy doesn’t feel no different than the room. Doesn’t hit higher than 71.6 since I took out the 1000watt HPS and now running a 3000watt Phlizon with 6 Cree bulbs and a 1500watt Phlizon. Lost a lot of my general heating from the light. Just switched the lights 2 weeks ago

Been having decent harvests lately regardless of my overall look!
Thanks guys! Really appreciate the input!!

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Right on! Just keep working and learning, things kinda figure themselves out.


Fox Farms nutes. I TRY to flush like 7-15 days before harvest. Her buds are growing bigger and fatter everyday!

Can one of you’s maybe introduce me to some sort of good feeding schedule please? Lol. I started on my own, with no help just some equipment help. Basically just been “winging” it for like 2-3 grows. I try not to do heavy mix feeding only general mix and plain tap water

Oh yeah, my soil is a mix of some Pro-Mix, mainly Happy Frog and Ocean Forest top 2”

Nice colas! Some nute burn but learn as ya grow. Good job bud!!


O.k. cool there’s a schedule for feeding on the fox farm website.
What Lights are you using and what are the watts they consume from the wall?
Do you have a ph meter and calibration solution to calibrate it?


Thanks man! I downloaded it
The 3000 is 630 draw I’m assuming around 300 for the 1500
Yes, it’s my friend’s ph tester. Only one set of calibration solution left. I think I’m just way over feeding
Gonna back off until they show me they want it. My medium is pretty new and rich with nutrients so I’ll just run water until I see something

Using the same lights in veg as in flower also

O.k. cool i run at half strength on fox farm nutrients and ramp it up to full strength mid flower and usually don’t get any nute burn
I really like the apera ph 60 meter it’s 60 dollars and the replacement probes are 12 and one of the best things i bought


Just the Purple Bud seems to be burnt. She’s almost done so I’m just giving her water.
But I have an Island Sweet Skunk that is in flower now, day 30 today

I think she’s very pretty!

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