The new grow site ready and planted

The garden has been prepared and plants ,planted,some have had there first lot of nuts and others this weekendso now In the garden we have money maker clone, bag seed clones x 2 ,washing machine, ace purple strain, white blueberry ,and last,2x incredible bulk clones


looking good ! thanks for sharing

Awesome. Privacy fence is nice to have!

Missed one and doubled up on one.

. Couple pics of the overall site.


Good luck with your growing hope to see some chunky nuggets soon :seedling::sweat_drops::hibiscus::ok_hand:t2:

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@Wigsplit that’s stage two ,starting to train the lady is stage one. @darren


Wow that looks great. Always nice to see people trying multiple strains.

Hey buddy going to be watching with interest! I have incredible bulks too, I went from taking cuttings to flower tent in exactly 30 days with them, they were about 17 inches tall, this picture is from a week ago

Following along, best of luck! :thumbsup:

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@Paranorman yours is twice the size,the 3rd last pic I posted is incredible bulk

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I thought that was it ! The leaves look the same, I think you were by my thread, we talked about this you thought mine was the auto?

I’m as surprised as anyone my friend, I don’t recall anything that has grown this fast?

I fimmed the mother’s badly so I think that’s why they’re having one main Cola but the Clones seem to be having two or four tops coming up like crazy!

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And the mother plant is the one on the left in the white house in train the lady,and she has taken right off.

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Your grow looks to be off to a good start. Please keep us posted.


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like how the two incredible bulk have taken off ,since going In the ground,the others have two but thought you’d like to see these two @paranorman


Wow what a difference! (Now they know why I use the term explosive growth all the time)

…pretty awesome thanks for showing me that I’ve been following along! :thumbsup:

@Paranorman, now its taken off. it slowed down a little when I pinched the center out of it ,but now its going wild


Wow what a difference!

I getting ready to harvest my first one anytime now I’ll tag in when I do I’m at 53 days now that’s what the breeder says is ready?

I wonder if I should split the stem? …everybody’s doing that now & some people are posting amazing results

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Yes they are , and I’m going to join that train ,once there ready.

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They look great @Coltfire, how old are they?

Tell the truth, I don’t know , I have real bad memory loss,I do have it written down ,I just can’t remember where, the last one is as oldest Paranormans .but his is under light’s

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Me to buddies, lol let’s all do the stem splitting and post the results