The new Flower Power Fertilizer

I just recently purchased the nwe Flower Power Fertilizer and I’m already having a problem understanding how to use it .I was use to the other nutrient in the bottles that where sold here first. I’v been to the company site to try and find out how to breake this down by the gallon as you did with the other one. Do you just put the whole bag in .I live in the US and still don’t know the difference from a teaspoon to the cm,lm any of it. never understood. CAN ANY BODY HELP. Because the site is no help


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If they can’t get you the answer you need we’ll have to call in our resident science officer…

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Here the feeding chart fir flower power @Behigh2

You can google a conversion chart if you need to convert
@garrigan62 can you assist here ?
I just saw this new thread and thought you may need this to assist in you endeavors


I knew I forgot someone important for the question…


Being in Canada I don’t even think I can get Flower Power? Much like most GH products Hydrogaurd,Axamax and neem oil FDA here is a fickle to say the least


This may help you this was posted by @Old_School in another thread

Jan '17

This is what I came up with. Anyone that wants to check my math I have no problem with. I tried to make this a little more user friendly and I hope it is accurate. The info Flower Power sent me differs from the feeding schedule. The instruction in the email seems to be more fertilization than their feeding schedule. I never received the Foilar fertilizer so I din’t add that to either list.
3.78 liters = 1 gallon
1 teas. = 5.4 gr.
1/2 teas = 2.7 gr.
1/4 teas = 1.35 gr.
ASPER Feeding Schedule
0.5 gr. — 1.89 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(a little more than a 1/4 teas)
0.75 gr. — 2.84 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(a little more than a 1/2 teas)
1 gr. — 3.78 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(a little more than a 1/4 teas)
0.2 gr. — 0.76 gr. Flower Power to 1 gallon of water
(about 1/2 of a 1/4 teas)
ASPER Flower Power email
Starter fertilizer = (2.3 gr.) a little less than a 1/2 teas to 1 gallon of water
Grow fertilizer = (4.2 gr.) about 3/4 teas to 1 gallon of water
Bloom fertilizer = (4.5 gr.) almost 1 teas to a gallon of water
Boost fertilizer = (0.24 gr.) about 1/5th a teas to a gallon of water
Don’t laugh, a pinch of the Boost fertilizer


Thank you everyone .All of this information is a help . But I have to admit that Sasquatch really knock it out the park with the brake down that was presented I’ll be sure to write that down. And Countryboyjvd1971, I really like to say he gave me a great break down for week by week. Thanks again to all . This is one of the reason I love this site .Great help.


this may come in handy

This is for autos, if your growing outside just extend the schedule on all parts
these amts are in 1 gallon of water


hey i am reading this chart and its exactly how i been using it except the foliar spray i been doing 1/5 of tsp per (4 gal)because i make up a 4 gal backpack… i thought it wasnt very much but its been working great but id love to be able to put more…am i able to put 1/2 a tsp per gal of foliar spray? is that how im supposed to be using it?id love some feedback thanks!!!

I can’t answer your question because I tried that product once, I didn’t get any better results than I got from using FOX FARM. Not as expensive to use. I’ve been at this now for seven years now, and my best yield was when I first started and I didn’t PH any thing. I got seven hundred gm. Nothing less than four hundred gm. Since I started to PH I have yet to get more that two ounces. Yea I only have two four hundred watt. portable air conditioner,and fan in the room and keep the temp.and the moisture right.I haven’t been close to my first crop. But I know buying expensive stuff and getting the same results as I get on the less expensive is better. This didn’t work well enough for the price.