The never ending problem with smoking bud

I smoke a lot, just bud. I have smoked pretty heavily for over 50 years (with no noticeable ill effects). I almost exclusively use a bong which requires a light for every hit (I wouldn’t advise smoking joints for 50 years). The never ending problem is getting the shit to burn. I have gone through so many lighters over the years I am sick of buying lighters. I have not been able to find a refillable lighter that will keep working after more than a handful of refills. And the ones that work for longer than a handful of refills only work for a handful more. I had one a long time ago that I had for years, it kept working although like all refillable’s turned into a torch towards the end. I even bought a case of Jetline refillable three head torches from Amazon. They were good for 20 or so refills before dying. Took me a few years to work through that case and now I can’t find any more. I tried one of those big ones and that stopped working before I emptied it once. The one I’m using now I got free with some cigars. It is definitely not gonna last much longer. I need a good lighter. Even disposables if they can be refilled a few times.

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I have a JOBON I bought on Amazon and it has served me well so far…I don’t use it everyday but when I do use it I burn a tank easily before putting it away …I have consumed 3 cans of colibri fuel since I got it and working on the 4th…my experience for you to consider… :cowboy_hat_face:

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I finally went a got a small can of propane (from Walmart camping section)…got a torch tip… Bottle runs out…buy another.

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I use one of these pretty tough I beat mine up and still keeps working


I like to think that I help keep Bic above water with my extreme daily usage. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses. Which Jobon do you have? They look pretty good. There’s a few of them on Amazon. Is it adjustable down to burning bud and not melting my glass bowl?

I’ve thought about using a propane torch but I’m not quite that desperate yet. And butane hasn’t killed me yet. I even bought a zippo blue flame torch once. The flint wheel almost wore a hole in my thumb, if it would light, which it didn’t before a couple of refills.

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I just checked and they don’t have mine anymore but there is another manufacturer that has the same design as mine but can’t say if any good or not


I had thought about a culinary that can also do a crème brûlée. I think I’m going to get this one. Decent reviews and not too expensive


oh wouldn’t that be nice to sit and eat in front of the grow as desert


On my way. Got the beer!


Get you a table-top vaporizer. I have the Arizer V-Tower. NO lighter, torch or matches needed! And no inhaling burnt vegetative matter!

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I have a desktop vaporizer. (and it’s unbreakable)

I have been “inhaling burnt vegetative matter” through one for over 50 years with no ill effects so far, hope you can say the same.

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I have bongs (collection dating to 1973), pipes, etc… I was just commenting on the fact that no lighters or flames were needed with a vaporizer. The material comment was just an added benefit. And I have been inhaling burnt cannabis since 1973 and perfectly clear lungs. But I do love the vaporizer!!!

Happy smoking…

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I was gifted a Colibri that lasted me years. Expensive, when it was stolen I couldn’t bring myself to replace it. Maybe I’ll go peruse their current collection today :rofl:

We are illegal and a lighter was never our issue. Wished it was our only worry, a lighter, lol. Too funny.


I wish I still had all my old bongs. Unfortunately they were mostly nice glass ones and I broke every freaking one.

So I bought this Jobon and it only comes with generic instructions. Had to figure out that it came full even though the instructions say it’s empty so trying to fill this already filled lighter causes massive blow back. And the generic instructions don’t say what the knob on the back is. Does anyone know what it is or what it does? Probably does nothing but there’s a faint possibility it cleans the torch tip.

If you turn it clockwise does it lock the flame on?

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I’m thinking it’s an adjustable air bleed.
The fuel is on the side with a +/- on it.

Not sure tho.


No, flame lock is on top. It turns freely and doesn’t seem to do anything. Doesn’t do anything when the flame is locked. Doesn’t make sense to make a mold for a piece of plastic that turns and doesn’t do anything. Maybe it does something on a different model. Guess I’ll have to wait till I take it apart after it dies. By the way it works great with my bong, it has a slow flame setting on it like a bic instead of like a torch. Will be happy if it lasts.


I have a volcano classic, Its the best way to smoke. Way more flavour, no inhaling carcinogens from burnt matter.

Also no lighter or heat/hot problems.

Just was comparing a fellow growers Awsome buds on the right vs this junk I bought at the federally legal store… Lol junk, tiny micro buds, no bag smell, works but supprized it’s legal to sell that junk lol

Thanks to @ashhhh for the Awsome Moby Dick he sent me to enjoy on my days off.

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