The Neglected Gold Leaf autos

I got 2 Gold Leaf autos that are 75 days old. I threw them in with my BW photos I
harvested last week. I flipped back to 18/6
They were definitely not getting proper light. Now the main colas are close to ready. I want to chop the main colas and let rest of plant go till ready ……??
They look great and healthy.

@GrnyGrows @Newt @Docnraq @beachglass @MidwestGuy

I scoped top of colas. Anytime now.
They were on 12/12 till last week

I can’t see the pictures clearly on the device I’m currently on… But if the trichs say they ready, then who am I to argue? :wink:


Yes you can, be sure to readjust your light distance so the new canopy is getting good strong light.
For future reference, your plant will mature from the top down.

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