The Mystery behind the Pot (Planter)

Ok here is a question i am struggling with - has anyone de-cyfered the Pot Size Code yet - lol sound like a really noob question but, since the art of growing has become a finesse sport of sorts - I never thought I owuld be putting this much into it and I thought I had problems growing Blueberry Bushes (the fruit) and getting the just of balancing out PH for a plant that thrives at 4.5 - 5 and must have exact Nutes to take up the proper nitrogen. Makes me wonder how any Blueberry bush could ever grow in the wild LOL. Yep everything here tend to be PH 7 even the soil is naturally sweet so azaleas, hydrangeas and Blueberries need to be nurtured - When I was younger we used to just find a spot and put out our pot plants and never ever put this kind of pure perfection science into it and they grew great - that being said over the years most gardeners tend to build up a stock pile of pots from what we have purchase and get to be somewhat of a garden pot hoarder - (stay with me here) but once you have them trying to figure out what size pot they are is really problematic, scratches head is this a 2 gallon, a 3 gallon or a 5 gallon. Also it should be noted that many European measures are different and in fact many manufacturers of Plant pots do not stick with a guideline of measure - they are all different in shape, size and volume of medium they hold - so when we make references to pots it would be nice to have an actual measurement of what one means when they say 2, 3 and 5 gallons for planter size. Also a 5 gallon bucket is not the same as a 5 gallon planter LOL . I looked at some 3 gallon soft planters and in my head I said there is no way those hold 3 gallons of anything but thats what they were. Setting them next to a 2 gallon bucket well the 2 gallon bucket most definitely looks like it would hold much more than the planter, can nay one lead a little clarity to this OCD like problem I have determining pot sizes. Tall 3 gallon, short 3 gallon 10 " across, 12 " across??? I know this is probably a laughable question but what is a measure, for a 3 gallon pot, by dimension? Its like some universal question and no I have not been in the smoke LOL

Great question. I to have wondered. But I have figured this out. If you want a big plant, you need a big pot. I just always assumed the taller the better for root growth…within reason. I have a 10 gallon thats just over knee high and pretty dang wide. It grew my biggest girl. And as my pot size went down so did my girls. Now as far as how to water and feed…you got me. I just give a little feed and wait for results. As far as water, I just go until I see the first start on runoff. Seems to work so far.

I used what I had laying around. One I bought at the dollar store it is actually a fabric storage container. I think those reusable grocery bags you can buy for a few dollars would be ideal size wise. Try not to laugh but heres a few of mine that I used. They are next to a 5 gallon bucket for reference.

Just use whats best for you nature will do the rest.

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Looks good to me. I use regular big pots. Have various sizes, from 10 gal down to 1. Different colors too. For some reason I have bad luck in red pots. Kinda odd to me. I’ve never tried the breathable bags, but I think next year I’m gonna. But your plants are gorgeous.

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That plant in paticular topped itself. It blew over in a storm and broke. As is about 5’ 5" fom bottom of pot to tallest bud. My biggest pot too. I thought it’d be heavy enough to hold the plant. I wad wrong. It woulda been well over 7’ if it hadn’t broke.:confused:

We all laugh about the difference between manufacturers when buying cloth pots. One maker has it listed as a 5 gallon and another calls it a 7 of apparently equal size.

All I can say is: Caveat Emptor?

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Well everything in Texas is bigger LOL. My wife calls me Tex because I can’t make Chili any smaller than a 5 gallon pot LOL. I got blueberries(fruit) in large containers but I think they are a lot bigger than 5 gallons and being fall all the garden stuff has been replaced by Christmas already. So for a guide I ordered some 3 and 5 gallon on Amazon. I was searching for anything that might decypher the code on the bottom of the pot to see if an idiot like me can tell what size it is and there are some plain Nursery pots I have that have a plain #2 or a #3 on them not sure if that is gallons or if there is a reference guide to pot size LOL My OCD took over and I have been obsessing over trying to understand pot code. Its ridiculous.

For round pots, it’s … I don’t know how to make the symbol for Pi here but it’s Pi times Radius, Squared times the height of the cylinder. I’m sure you can find an online calculator somewhere.

If you an get the actual volume of some pots, you can see what each marking means.