The most thicc quick one auto

Hey yall, just sharing this really nice grow which is far from perfect but quite thicc indeed :

This is her, 1m tall quick one autoflo on her 12th week.

I’ve had her on 24h light up until week 11 (which may have been a bit too long) but shes on 18/6 now.

The nugs are really coming together, and since she had 24 light for so long the bottom nugs have had time to catch up, now the plant is evenly putting on trichomes and I hope to have a nice cut by the end of next week.

I’d be interested to hear of any other big quick one (indoor, soil, led, 50cm by 60cm area)

I use biobizz nutes btw and so far they have been doing great for both my grows.


Beautiful plant


Very nice plant :yum: if I’m understanding you correctly you are going to cut her down this week? I hope not in another 2-3 weeks she’d probably give you another 30-50% more bud

@MeEasy I’m glad you caught that… I missed it. This garden needs a good 2 weeks or so to fatten up the rest of the way. You won’t be disappointed.

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I said I hope but ofc I’ll wait till shes ready. She is a fast strain though so there’s a chance