The most efficient solvent for separating canabinoids

Anyone have any info as to the solvency or strength of various solvents. Alcohol, VG, plain ol’ butter?

What is your mission? What are you trying to do? Exactly.

From what I’ve read grain alcohol 98% is the best.

This is also what I was going to ask. Without having more details, I’m going to say butane extraction in a closed loop system is probably the way to go. But we may see “efficiency” as different things.


I am growing primarily for my wife’s medical issues, primarily arthritis and PTSD. My latest attempt at a smokeable solution was an extraction using VG. That was a bust. After asking an experienced vaper to try my “brew”, his comment was “tastes like bong water”.
However, I have had good results using this “vape juice” as an additive to the morning coffee ritual, for me, my wife, and several other of senior members of our community who suffer from various geriatric maladies.
I have also made a small quantity of canna-butter, with good results.
Perhaps my question should have been “How much of the “good stuff” am I leaving behind?”

@roaddog I have used VG extraction on a regular basis to make edible gummies and have had excellent feedback from my patrons. My understanding is that VG can only absorb about 30% from cannabis, so it would require at least three extracts. I have followed the procedures that were presented in YouTube videos from RuffHouse Studios ( and

In my opinion, you’re going down a road of something that can be done vs what posted about the most efficient way.

Butane extraction or even pressing can yield 20-30% returns with good setup, product, and proper methods. The reason you see them extract the same material multiple times using VG or alcohol (like in video above) is because its nowhere near as good at extracting.

Perhaps making an oil and consuming in a capsule is a better option for you? That would be similar to working with VG, but I believe there are other products better suited.

After hours and hours of research I’m personally headed down a path of heat pressing with a 10 ton kit. After that you have a basis with the dab to do whatever you like. I have some friends and family that really like to vape. So I’ll use shatter batter to refine to that. If the quality is good the quantity isn’t as necessary.


Thank you, one and all, for the shared views. I will view the referenced videos and keep on truckin’.
After my last harvest, someone recommended: grind up the whole plant (minus bud and roots) and soak it in alcohol. So, for the cost of 1/2 bottle of Everclear I’ve got a jar of green goo in the cabinet. Don’t know what the final use of that experiment will be. Could the alcohol be replaced with VG?

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Pour that green goo into a pie plate and let it evaporate. What’s left is your canabinoids, which can be blended into your VG for vape juice.

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Depends on the context really. I agree, quality is the reason shatter usually brings more cash than rosin. People flock to pressing because it’s easier and way less expensive to do, not neccesarily because the quality is better.

The argument would be that if the quality is good, then quantity is everything.

Cost efficiency is one reason I’m going there. Secondly I just don’t like the thought of solvents in something I’ve tried to keep as many chemicals out of as I can. That’s my version of quality. Note I said as many.

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