The most cost effective lighting

Well looks like you got shoe holders for yours too I couldn’t find any trays but I found a three pack of shoe holders that work perfect to set my pots in I could be completely wrong but that’s what I ended up finding and that’s what they were supposed to be used for but they were great

We kind of have the same set up on that thought except I just use CFL’s 1750 lm for my sidelights and I have three 300 W LEDs for two plants you mind if I ask what your strains are and I have two super skunk they’re growing out just finally started going upward

@Hogmaster i no they are plant trays I’m just not great at eye ball measurement and I got them to small had to cut the sides so my plants could fit lol. Thanks for the love I’m growing strawberry Kush I have a grow journal on here with some more pics.

Flat white is the most cost-effective and it works virtually as well as anything else