The most cost effective lighting

I am a first time grower and building a new grow room from scratch in my basement. I am thinking about using fluorescent lighting to keep the costs down as I will be having 18 plants growing. Will this suffice or should I use different lighting? Any suggestions to cost effective lighting will be appreciated.


I’m new as well but I have been using and have had great luck I would go with more power but customer service is unreal great job on there part hope it gives you a idea

I agree led would be more cost effective I have a mehizi as well but I also have a viparspectra that is a little more expensive. It works way better though and has ir LEDs built in for a more true spectrum. Either way led is the way to go for quality and cost savings.

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Here is a pic

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LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Ceramic Metal Halide (AKA Light Emitting Ceramic) are going to be your most efficient.

But most will agree, it is really hard to get the large dense colas with anything less than a decent LED or a decent HID (High Intensity Discharge light, regular Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and the new CMH/LEC are all in the category of HID lights).

HPS would be the next most efficient in the amount of electricity used versus the amount of use-able light provided to the plants (this is known as PAR, or photo-synthetically active radiation).

High Output T5 fluorescent lights and some CFLs can be used for flowering with decent results if scrogging is used heavily. These and the cheaper LED units, like many marshydro and many others are at the bottom of the list of efficiency, but they still blow away the older T8 and T12 type fluorescent lighting.

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Thanks @MacGyverStoner that’s great info


Thank you for the comments. Very helpful.

I’m jealous :cry: I don’t get fireworks…lol


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Its macgyver bro of course he gets fireworks!

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Thank you jojo for the pic. I’m thinking that’s the way I’m going to go. What kind of coverage do you get with that. I read online it was around 3x3? Is that what you follow?


3x3 is the optimum size I have two 300w LEDs and these little lights for side coverage.


These are the girls now


They look sweet jojo! Do I need side lights? My grow room will be completely closed in. Here’s a pic of my girls that will be going in the grow room when it’s complete.

and I’m hoping my first time outdoor crops will make it before it gets too cold. So close. Lol

I have them for better penetration of the canopy my strain is indica and they are bushy. I want her to get as much light to her stem as I can. Looking good your girls should do well

Mine is closed like a U

Yea you have a sweet set up bro. Do you know how important it would be to wrap the walls with reflective light for me since I will have a decent sized room or can I just paint them white?

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Do you have a harbor freight near you if so the reflective tarp are 5 bucks. If not flat white paint would work.

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You don’t have to but the more light your plant gets from every angle the healthier it will be. The healthier it is the bigger the buds will be

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Sorry jojo. What is a harbor freight? I’m pretty new to this. And where do you get reflective light for $5?