The misadventures of Ms.Know-it-all and her very first grow!

Beautiful dogs! Welcome I’ve been running Mars Hydro lights from Amazon TSL2000 and TSW 2000 and average about 10 oz of bud 2-3 ozone trim per plant in 15 gallon pots in soil they are great lights if your on a tight budget I’ve done quite well with them so far.
Good luck and happy growing

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After some catnip ~anything becomes a pillow …


Lol @Nanny such a mountain looking cat.

The twins are beautiful!


Oh yeah he’s a big ole Tom Cat aka the Beast … he goes close to 30 lbs. And he loves his Cat Nap. I’ve got it planted wild all over the place …
Yes “The Twins” … lol
Ive had this guy awhile now, I watched him be born. So he’s my buddy.

Welcome to the community. About the window sill. Modern glass blocks UVA and UVB rays which helps decrease the chance of developing skin cancer.

Lots of knowledgeable growers here. :+1::+1::+1:


Well, thank you all who contributed to the topic at hand. I’ll try and post weekly updates and keep you all up to date with how ‘Tabitha’s’ growing.

Since it’s so late in the natural growing season I would like to supplement with a higher quality light…can anyone recommend something smallish and easy to set up without too many bells and whistles. :hugs:

To those kind souls wondering, money is not the concern. I can squeeze out enough savings to afford the fanciest lights on the market…I simply don’t want to as I’m a bit of a millennial hippie. While obviously not a purist, I want my windowsill grow to be as unrushed and low tech as possible.

Thanks again.

Update on my grow here New Grower Check up …After hitting a wall (as you all said I would) I broke down and got some basic equipment. :joy: plants are growing!

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