The misadventures of Ms.Know-it-all and her very first grow!

Hello Fellowship of Farmers,

I’m Enve and I’m working on my very first grow! I’m excited to join this community and learn as much as I can about growing for personal use. Over the last few months I’ve been reading blogs, watching videos and pretty much “lurking” on online forums trying to learn as much as I can about growing this amazing plant

About my grow and set up- based on all I’ve read, growing weed can be super complicated. I don’t need need anything else in my life to be complicated So I’ve committed myself to what I’m calling a “simple windowsill grow”. In all my research I haven’t heard of such a thing but it must exist…right? It must be possible to simply drop a seed, water it, give it some sun, and watch it grow to yield a respectable crop…right?

Welp, here we are.

This is my plant. It’s a RB gold leafy photo period (accidentally germinated the wrong seed… meant to do the skittles AF that I also ordered… oops) and it’s growing! I’ve very excited and pleased because with my first few tries I was overwatering and killing my seedlings after the first week. Ive finally grasped the concept that for seedings less is more and am proud of this girl who is …( here’s the kicker) 1 MONTH OLD! Yes. One whole month, and while she is alive and well, as you can see she is soooo tiny.

My specs:

Strain - RB gold leaf fem photo
Medium - 1/2 pot for pot brand top soil/ 1/2 organic coco coir
Light - fresh air and October sun in north Texas supplemented with a GE seedling grow light from Home Depot for a total of about 18hrs daily
Nutrients- 20/20/20 all purpose food for flowering vegetable plants
Water - distilled, 2-3oz every other day

That’s it’s.

Any uncomplicated advice or tips on how I can maximize my “windowsill grow” and get this girl really growing is very much appreciated! Thank you!

P.s. I also read this strain is supposed to be pruned because it gets super tall. How?!



Man I wish I can offer the best advice possible but …in my opinion a photo on a windowsill is going to be one hell of a nut to crack .
I would never be negative to anyone but I think you will have your work cut out for you …
It needs lots of intense light and in a window sill, I’d cut down how many hours you think it’s getting by 20 percent because when we speak in how many hours of light a plant is getting it’s direct light for the full duration most indoor grows …which I haven’t done yet…but the thing is you want it to be the least complicated and I a way …you have kind of inadvertently complicated it on your own hahah…it’s ok because everyone makes mistakes their first grows it’s part of it …
Ok so the lighting is what will really really make a difference in your plant thriving and producing the best flowers …I hope others indoors can chime in on that part but the grow light from Home Depot I am not sure if that’s intense enough to not be disappointed with the final result

Pruning …there are a bunch of vids on YouTube …look up Jorge Cervantes there are others but you have a while before ypu reach that bridge

Edit I want to add it looks really healthy not sure how big it should be in a month tho


I agree… Window growing doesn’t really work out for almost everyone.
Also mixing coco with soil is complicating things even further.

A greenhouse, maybe in the spring to fall.

I would stop the distilled water.

What’s your tds run off? Do you have a tds pen? If not you need one.

Ph your water and your feed anytime its above 200ppm

I wouldn’t worry about pruning right now.

Lighting is so important.
Most people spend about 200$ per plant on lighting, or more. Don’t buy anything from Amazon and talk to us before you do buy lights!


Welcome to ILGM forum. @Lacewing and @Nicky has covered everything I was going to say. :+1:


@Envee this is a pic of one of my girls at 28 days using a cheaper Viparspectra ( Amazon cheap light) I just want to illustrate how much difference even a cheap led light can make. Everyone has different goals and as long as you are satisfied with low returns on your time and efforts then there’s not a issue. Happy growing and please don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Lots of good people here to help. :+1:


This was what I was hoping for …
see I haven’t gone inside yet but I was sure that most growers DONT go get a replacement bulb at the depot !!
And that’s a pretty plant I’d be happy as hell with that for 28 days

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@Envee This …
The others who responded here alone have such knowledge of how to help you …
And I’m sorry welcome to the forum …

@Bulldognuts is right, I just mean let us point you in the right direction. There are some okay lights on amazon I just bought a knockoff 120w QB and the things fire for the price and considering I use it in a dinky greenhouse.

Amazon lights have gotten muc much better over the last year, just want to make sure we help you spend your money smart

@Lacewing did you see that I id’s that moth the other day?

You have alot of knowledge to my friend, keep sharing.


Thank you …I appreciate it
I am pretty happy if I can help anyone man …the sharing here is crazy and I feel like I’ve been to college for growing !! Lol

Where was that? I liked it quick but got distracted and didn’t get back on for a while
That was the big Ol chubby one right?

I didn’t like his face …he has the face of a bud destroyer

Oh man and that little dinky greenhouse …
I may just be grabbing one of those …never thought of that .

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I can’t remember who’s thread it was on now lol he’s a brown moth though start with a p… I forget now I deleted my picture.

Yes the greenhouse keeps my clones and my girlfriends pepper plant and soon some cat grass for bossman. He’s upset winter is coming so I’ll have to grow some grass inside for him to munch on. I’ve always done just a little bush but I might try a decent sized tray this year.


Haha I heard about the cat grass is kind of convenient to grow .I don’t have any cats but I remember it either repels or attracts something …like either a trap crop or one you want around for beneficial insects …I’ll have to go check on it again …I ate an edible I made and then smoked the same strain flower as it kicked in so it’s way back there in my brain somewhere

How is boss man with the cannabis plant ? Some people have probs others don’t …
I read somewhere someone using a water spray bottle lol

Of course I would complicate something in my quest for simplicity… of course! Thank you for the honesty. I’ll definitely check out the YouTuber you mentioned when (fingers crossed) I reach that bridge.

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Thank you! What’s the deal with coco and soil? Is there something you think I should be paying more attention too because of medium I’m working with?

I know my handle is NV (envy) but I am JEALOUS! What a beauty … and at 28 days?! Wow, ok this put things in perspective. I definitely have some er… room to grow.

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Lol do not feel bad at all …learning is just as addictive as smoking your stash …stick it out and listen to the great advice you are about to be given here …no one wants you to fail and helping you get that baby going would be a challenge and a pleasure to anyone here !!

You want to watch your ppms
Soil has nutrients and holds onto nutrients differently than coco so it’s like mixing two different types of oil and then trying to know the viscosity of it by heart… Just makes things trickier but it’s doable with the right knowledge and equipment that you’ll need anyways.
You’ll be feeding more nutrients soon than with soil (good thing) and not as fast as coco (a bad thing in my mind but totally fine)

@Lacewing the cat grass I couldn’t tell you it’s just for bossman because he loves outside and he munches grass daily.

He loves the cannabis, he just never bites it or anything which is good cuz it’s toxic to cats. He will smell it though.

I’ve had him in the grow room with me since he was a kitten so he loves. It.

Infact his favorite place in the house to nap is in front of the greenhouse beside a big pepper plant in the light from the greenhouse QB lol
I think he can feel the warmth from the light slowly warming his dark coat up.

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He is very pretty …reminds me of my sister in laws but that cat was a female …she said it was called some thing blue ? In the name something happened to her it was years ago and they had to put her down can’t remember what exactly
But when you said cat grass I thought you meant catnip haha

Your sister had a blue Russian.
Similar but thinner face and body.

Bossman is a British shorthair, the bulldog of cats. He’s still just a young little dude.
He’s 10.4lb. And will grow to 12-18lb

K last CSF picturing I’m. Going to bed I’m way off topic lol
Here you can see how he’s bulking out or starting to.


They are awesome dogs !! I have one too he’s a male and I also have a yorkie
I have so many pics on my phone from growing it takes me 20 minutes to go back that far I’ll just take a pic of him in the am

My yorkie is a pain in the ass but she was caged 12 hrs a day while her previous owner was at work …the woman kind of begged me to take her and it kind of left me heartbroken so I did lol …damn her love the little dog to death tho.

@Nicky he looks proud …like a guardian .he has excellent eyes too ! Really beautiful cat

I wasn’t sure if it. Was Prussian or Russian but I knew it was along those lines …

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Lovely cats. The twins (as I call them) would absolutely love them😆!