The Miracle Grow. Please help

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Would it hurt to give them Miracle Grow with water daily except on rainy days

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Yes it has the potential to cause untold issues. Maybe try finding a nutrient line that is more geared towards cannabis growing such as nectar for the gods or advanced nutrients etc.

Also its not a good idea to fertilise every other day unless you are using very weak concentrations of nutrients.

Not enough info given but I’d never use MG. Please join the forum and use the search feature which will yield you tons of info on people using MG or were thinking of using it. There are many members who will give you some great advice.

Can you use MG?
Do you run a large risk of having nute issues if you use MG? Yes!

Welcome to the forum you can use MG but most growers will advise not too. If its water soluble you can, granules (time release) no. You can grow in MG soil, but only if its diluted greatly.
But to answer your question … Yes you can use it, yes it will work.

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I’m gonna agree with @Sasquatch, you can use it because I’ve grown pounds with it when that’s all I could afford and before I knew about all the better lines, it’s not the best for sure and if you can afford better I would go with something else…


This is the most important answer to focus on.

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