The making of vape juice

Is it necessary to decarb before making vape juice?

Decarbing, is more for a cbd affect so if that’s what your looking for than yes

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Sorry for the interrupted question, I am clueless. What is decarbing? @Majiktoker

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@ILGM_Support, thank you :smile:, @AmnesiaHaze decarbing is the process of bringing out certain compounds in the cannabis. Decarbing is also known as decarboxilating, and what that does is make the cbd affect more present. If I’m not mistaken its decarboxilated in the oven at 215-225 degrees. Usually good times for decarboxilating is when using it to make oils, or butter, also when using it for cooking.

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Thank you for the awesome lesson @Majiktoker cool info :+1: Thanks!

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Not a problem

I need some info please. Reply when you get a chance…majiktoker

How can i help you

hi, i am going to try to make hash using bubble bags this winter. my question is can i use the hash in a cannabis cookbook? thank you

You can but remember @jimlisa2 it will be more concentrated then using flower
I make coconut oil then infuse that into my cooking :wink:

thank you i am new to cannabis. thank you again

I see information about ‘dabbing’ and ‘vaping,’ but I don’t see any info on how to make the sticky goop for dabbing, or the oil for vaping. Is there somewhere you know of where I can learn how to create these things? I know about vaping, but I still don’t know once you’ve made the sticky goop just how it is used for dabbing.

hello, i am doing some studying on bubble hash to make the dabs. i am doing some reasearch on a product called farm to vape. i have not tried it yet but that is what i am studying. hope that helps out a little.

Let me know when you know more as I’d be interested in doing some myself. Where did you find info on the bubble hash and the farm to vape? Did you just Google it?

Mostly it came from the forum. i learned to freeze the leaves and stems before putting them in the bubble bags, because the THC flakes off in the cold. You Tube has some good videos as well. the farm to vape i googled and it poppped up. stay with the forum. everyone is nice and will help you with your journey. good luck

Question on making vape juice… Following various videos etc… How do you keep the oil from separating? I am using PG/VG mix with my oil concentrate but it seems to separate… ending up with Vape juice that has blobs of the dark oil? any ideas on what I’m doing wrong… The pg/vg and oil concentrate was mixed and heated to blend but separates out when it cools off. Any ideas would be appreciated?..