The main root broke, now what?

So I was transplanting my week and a half old wwa into her 5gal grow bag. I picked the cup up and saw the root coming out. I was trying to be as careful as possible but the holes I put all at the bottom of the cup were really small. I couldn’t even use scissors to cut away the cup around the root. Of course it broke off and it was like 3 inches long. After 12 hours she hasn’t wilted or shown any signs of stress. But since she’s an auto im worried she is gonna end up being tiny. I did dress the roots with some Mycorrhiza so hopefully she bounces back. Any otyer suggestions or thoughts?

As long as some roots are left you will be fine. No need to cut away the net pot. It will find its way out through the slots.

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It happened while I was taking her out of a solo cup. She is transferred now into the 5gal. I was just worried because it was her main root. Im a newbie but I know 100% it was her main one.

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Clones don’t have a tap root and they do fine too.

True that. I was only worried because she is an auto and not photo. My luck she will be 5in tall and have a popcorn bud now :joy:

First pic is before and second is about 12 hourse AFTER

There are two reasons I like to use styrofoam cups instead of plastic Solo cups:
I can easily poke a bunch of holes in the sides and bottom with a pen.
I can just peel away the sides of the cup (if needed) when it comes time to transplant them, and cause very little disturbance to the plant.


Good call

Thats why I use peat pots. You don’t have to even remove the plant from the pot and It’s bio-degradeable.
The plants roots grow right through it.


@TommyBahama I do a similar thing with plastic cups but I end up just cutting the bottom out and cutting the cup from top to bottom and lightly spread the cup to release the entire plant and starter soil into it’s final bed.

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first of all… she should be fine, just a small speed bump.!

3" roots coming out of a solo cup is not good,
keep the bottom of the cups dry and this will not happen again.!!

these were good and ready for transplant, very few little root tips were poking out of the 1/4 inch holes.!

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Thank you! First timer problems haha

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