The little mutant that could

While this is not a problem I figured I would just put her out there to see what some of you think. This plant is about 1 month old (as of breaking soil) . It was a replacement seed as the first seed I planted did not germinate so I planted this one and it sprouted just fine. Then it only showed two small leaves which looked a little dark and deformed. I put it’s own small light directly on it and flushed the soil but no response , just kind of stayed in the same state. It is an Autoflower in FFOF same exact flower that I am currently successfully growing .

I finally took it out of the tent and placed it in another room with it’s own small light and it seemed to grow a little bit but nothing spectacular and not really any new growth. Then I finally used a spray bottle and rinsed all the dirt away from the roots, slowly exposing the roots and a spot that was dark almost dead looking and then it just fell over like it was dead!

There was a small piece of wood chip in the soil right at the spot so I do not know if that was a problem but it simply looked dead in the middle of the root. I moved things around and planted it upright and now I could swear it looks like it is going directly into flowering. I will continue to keep it alive and see what it does and if anyone has any ideas of what is going on with it please chime in.

I would say that the pH is out of whack. Need a support ticket for any real opinions.

Ocean Forest is “hotter” than Happy Frog which would have been easier on a seedling.

Your little girl is stressed to the max! …


Yes your soil is to hot try some seed starter then transplant or fill the bottom of your pot with your hot soil and put a layet of some seed starter soil also are you ph any of your water

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The first and third pics seem to show some mildew on the soil. Among the other problems, I think you’re keeping it a little too damp.

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The PH is the same across all three plants and all three plants received the same nutes. They are all also in the same exact soil from the same bag so I wonder how just this one plant could have PH problems (tested the run off) or hot soil . I will do some more reading on this thanks and there is no need for a support ticket I am not too worried about it and just experimenting to see how long I can keep it alive.

Here are the other plants that are doing fine in the same exact soil , water and nutes… just odd to me

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