The little baby, Super Critical Fem, my very first time ever planting a marijuana seed by the way 😎

so excited :blush::sunglasses: had to pull the seed casing off this morning :sunglasses:20190111_164941 Day 8 doesn’t she look happy :blush:


Looking good, take that shell off so she can spread her cotyledons!!!

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She just got put in there yesterday and already looking to stand up, I’ll see what she looks like tomorrow :sunglasses:

Come on trichomes! :slight_smile: Good Growing!


@Vexer what do you think?

Looking good so far. She is a pretty little seedling! She is progressing faster than mine lol.

Yes she is, i made my own potting mix, im growing organic so we’ll see if my mix really works, I’ll give her compost tea from Boogie Brew, and 1 week before i flip her I’ll start giving her FishBoneMeal mixed with compost so as not to burn her, 1cup a week for 8weeks, this is my theory :slight_smile:

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For a guy who has only done hydro, soil sounds really confusing lol.

From what I’ve heard soil is more forgiving, I’m a beginner so everyone says to go soil first

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Yeah I have heard that too, but I’m not down with bigs and always had a desire to grow hydro. I will definitely do soil for this year’s outdoor grow!

Day 15 Day 17 ![Screenshot_20190127-144027|281x500]

day 21 @MattyBear @Drillbit @Demar @dbrn32 @Vexer


@dbrn32 @Drillbit @Demar @MattyBear @Vexer

day 21 day 26 time for a topping she’s been topped


She looks happy! Nice work! Set to watching.

Coming along nice, looks really healthy. Well done so far! Won’t be long and you will want to consider topping, maybe a couple more nodes. .

I agree, looking good! :+1::v:

Beautiful looking plant so far!

Yes, I’ll let her go one more node then I’ll top her, she has excellent structure and node spacing is really tight.


What are you feeding her?

The soil is feeding her, the microbes in the living soil, with a lil Azomite and worm castings added, then once a week compost tea, I’m away on business rightnow, im trying to get back so i can top her and start her training. When she gets ready to flower I’ll add some fish bone meal


@Vexer @Demar @Drillbit @MattyBear @Oldguy @dbrn32