The life of big Sour Kush


Same age and bean pop to the day as tangie way less developed but crowns growin everywhere


She’s got some nice buds!


Thanksss @raustin that’s the one I tried to knuckle around the whole bucket only got 3/4 and ended up with this monster lol


Thanks man :call_me_hand: :tada: @Budbrother outta my control lmao


Hows she :eyes::eyes: i saw 8 days n was expecting drool worthiness :joy::rofl:


Just fed Big Sour here’s a few pics :+1: @raustin @Justgrowin @PurpNGold74 @BIGE @Budbrother @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @SmoknGranny @Screwauger @Sirsmokes


And this bud my hand is on should be the top of the plant lol @SilentHippie @highcountrygal @Whodat66 @MattyBear @Wildwest @Drillbit @Dieselgrower @neckNflu @FloridaSon @Familyman

more pics above


Ok, so yours are like I hope mine will be, tiny but packed! About 2’ tall-ish? Rock on dude, bring some over when it’s done and we’ll compare notes :wink:


Yeah that’d be cool :+1: @Whodat66 n yep each bud is about 2’ tall off of curled main stem around the bucket. Can’t wait for this one the buds feel wicked heavy already :call_me_hand:


Just tagged you, scroll up.


Wohoo!! She’s really coming along nicely!


Need some help…Think she’s milky n Amber enough yet for a 3 day black out? Not good at readin trichs yet but looks good to me and she’s already 14 days late since pistils been 74 days n I know times are a guesstimate on my calendar

@raustin @dbrn32 @Justgrowin @BIGE @SmoknGranny @Screwauger @Myfriendis410 @Budbrother @FloridaSon @Drillbit the “top” of plant haha


Still looks covered in white pistils. Are those foxtails?


@dbrn32 Foxtail? Idk what that is, I thought they were still white pistils but there’s a ton of em and in person the buds are a good 2/3 Amber except for those things



You’re seeing amber trichs?


No way is she ready.


I’m with @dbrn32

By pistils, she is not ready though those could be foxtails. The trich photos are not clear enough (not a criticism as I have no way to take good trich shots) to determine their status however, with so many pistils stick straight out from the flowers like that it’s likely you have a few week(s) to go.

Take it from me, I harvested my first grow too early and boy did I regret it. Patience is the hardest thing to have when you need meds and have plants nearing ripeness.


The strain is sour Kush I really don’t know what to say lol it’s calendar late but still white something n no @raustin they’re allll milky n cloudy under the scope pics are from four sites


So true man yeah I try n hold still enough lol n what’s a foxtail?

any response is appreciated :+1: and the leaves are turning that ready look but if she still needs to cook so be it… :man_shrugging:t2: