The life of big Sour Kush


Just took the dome off I put on last night @raustin @BIGE @neckNflu @FloridaSon @Justgrowin @zFiNeSsez @Zombo @merlin44 @MattyBear @highcountrygal


Oh goody, seedling porn.

I will drop some seeds in 4 - 6 weeks. I hope they pop nicely like yours @livefast.


Been thinkin about buyin another of the same lights I have but was gonna ask @dbrn32 about heat and energy


Remind me which light you have?


@dbrn32 I already have 2 running in my 3’x3’x6’ high tent and like them they’ve worked good for me so far just didn’t know about heat raising and can I have 3lights and two desk fans on 1 power strip right to the wall outlet?


If you’re asking what I think, I wouldn’t buy a third. If you spend anymore on lights I would do so making what you have better. As far as your power goes, what else is on the circuit? Assuming it’s 15amp circuit and there are other receptacles on that circuit? Otherwise a 15 amp circuit should hold 3 of those lights and 2 desk fans, as long as the power strip has decent current rating.


Yep 15 amp has a timer with both lights 2 into 1 and both fans to the strip

to thison the wall have to use the 3way so it fits the plug under the table that’s right at the height but I don’t plug anything but the strip in that


@dbrn32 And it had wicked high julles part of the reason I got this one


That’s usually a measure of the fault levels it can protect from. It should have a current rating on it somewhere, probably 15 amp too. But I’ve seen a few cheapies be like 6 amps.

There should be a label on your lights and fans that lists the cure they draw too. The currents are additive, and you should aim to not load your circuit more than 80%.


It’s a ge and yep it’s stamped 15amp on the bottom. Thanks for the help @dbrn32 :+1:


@raustin @Justgrowin @dbrn32 @merlin44 @MBgrower @neckNflu @SmoknGranny @BIGE @highcountrygal @zFiNeSsez




Woot woot she’s puttin on a free lifelong show :smile: cmon n watch lol


She’s comin on up think I’m gonna keep the domes off now, haven’t watered em for today’s the 5th day soil is soaked well big sour wakin up

@raustin @Justgrowin @dbrn32 @merlin44 @FloridaSon @SmoknGranny @BIGE @MBgrower @neckNflu @Zepman55 still not ready for the big house :weary:


Then are some good lookin’ roots @livefast.

Gotta’ love root porn!LMAO


Here’s sour gettin moved


Here’s sour before her breakfast @raustin @dbrn32 @Drillbit @merlin44 @Screwauger @SmoknGranny @Nug-bug @Willd @elheffe702 poor girl got dropped during transplant… not cool but healthy now :raised_hands:


Wow! They are looking very healthy @livefast! Great job. You should be proud.


Is this an auto or photo?


This one is an auto, if ya want I’ll tag ya when I deal with diesel, she’s a photo @Drillbit