The life of a Girl Scout


So I’m gonna be starting a little thread on ILGM Girl Scout cookies extreme . Just ordered my seeds today but here are the tools I have .

P.s This is my second grow so I’m still a newb any advice would be great .

-2x 300w led lights
-1 600w air cooled hps/mh
-4x4 grow tent with all the bells and whistles ( carbon filter, exhaust fans , etc)
-Fox farm happy frog for seedling and ocean Forrest for veg
-gh ph kit / trio nutes ( for dwc)
-Nectar of the gods ( someone tell me if this is good)
-voodoo juice.

  • calmag
  • ph tester/tdm
    -germination station w heating pad
    -dwc stuff ( buckets, air stone , and Hydroton)

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There’s more but can’t think of names but stay tuned cause this grow will be even better than my first


Hey @Terra-cotta You will LOVE nectar for the gods! It’s Awesome stuff!
I’m looking forward to following along :sunglasses::v: thx for the tag


@70sChick I am still a newbe but I have heard of that Necter of the gods, but I do know its expensive as the dickens. Is it that good? I have a bunch invested in Fox Farms nutes, likely 150 bucks, maybe more. And lots of it left. Just wondering about the difference. I would be really interested. Have no problem trying it if it is worth it to me.


@cyberblast the sample kit cost me 30 bucks and from what I read that’s from West Coast to east coast . You should try it for at least one plant


@Terra-cotta I think I will…for 30 bucks, it sure wouldnt hurt to try it on one plant. I got a few that are fairly young yet, starting into flowering. Good time to try it unless its limited to veg grow. Will check it out. Thanks


@Terra-cotta What comes in that 30 buck starter kit? I cant find it on amazon, could be looking wrong

Is this the kit you mean?


The people using it seem to be pretty happy. It’s supposedly calcium based and organic. Depending on how you look at it, maintain ph and follow schedule and you should have good results.


@cyberblast you have to go directly to their website and email them. I did, and my quote was $63 shipped to Alaska. I never ended up ordering though…
@Terra-cotta now that you tagged me, I’ll be watching. Thanks. Your list looks good, I would add fabric pots to the list. I will enjoy this grow from start to finish. Diatomaceous earth I would sprinkle on top of the soil. Maybe neem oil on standby just in case. It’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m really interested in the NFG line, I’m really curious how they perform and add phosphorus during flowering.


Can’t post the link but search on google for nectar of the gods. First link is the right one ( Oregon ) click on products to see where it says sample kit fill in the questions a rep emails you ( with a day for me )


@Covertgrower ahh I forgot to add that I have those as well haha


Something I do that I feel I’ve recommended a half dozen times recently is adding a little bit of dolomite lime to the soil. Doesn’t take much, usually about 1-2 tbsp per gallon of pot size. Just mix in well when you get to final pot. It will buffer ph swings when your girls start feeding heavily.


@Terra-cotta @Covertgrower Thanks guys. Found the site and filled out the form. Hope to hear from them soon. I like Fox Farms stuff but it is so hard to use to keep things under control because their stuff seems to be so hot. Hoping NFTG works better. I need it.


I’m using Nectar for the 1st time. I don’t think it’s all that expensive. The sample kit comes with quarts of everything you need. I’m doing the Greek regimen, so I ordered Kraken and Aphrodite from eBay at about $16 a piece.


@cyberblast It is expensive. But you can get a sample box sent to you for only shipping if you go Oregon’s Only website. Shipping for mine was 28 bucks. They send full size bottles . I’m a believer in it for sure!


@70sChick Yea, I found it. Already filled out their form and waiting for my quote. Likely be about the same. Thats a big sampler. Well worth it for sure. That sampler should last me 2 or 3 grows at least, maybe more. Happy to try it. Thanks for your help


Lol… I’m a little late to the party! Baahaaa… Glad you found it.:sunglasses::v::seedling:


@70sChick Not by much. Yep found it and going to get it soon. I hope. :smile:


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@bob31 I didn’t want to jack @muffybunny thread but those seeds I had I think are done for I’m not counting them out just yet . I planted it on 10/29 but didn’t have the gernination station . I’ll just use my fancy equipment with These fantastic ilgm genetics


Haha. It’s all good.